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sábado, 29 de maio de 2010



Um Míssil Hipersónico...
Air Force's X-51 Scramjet Sets Record for Longest Hypersonic Flight
By Tariq Malik

An experimental aircraft has set a new record for the longest hypersonic flight after streaking across the sky Wednesday for more than three minutes while flying at Mach 5 – five times the speed of sound — the United States Air Force has announced.
The vehicle, called the X-51A Waverider, dropped from a B-52 Stratofortress mother ship while flying over the Pacific Ocean just off the southern California coast. It successfully ignited an air-breathing scramjet engine than accelerated up to Mach 5, Air Force officials said in the announcement.

E Construtores de Foguetões Privados juntam-se para fazerem um Módulo de Aterragem Robot...

Two California companies, one a rocket engine builder and the other a mock moon lander champion, have teamed up to develop new private unmanned vehicles that NASA could send to the moon, Mars and asteroids.

...E algo que parece tirado do Parque Jurássico, DND foi tirado de Ovos Fossilizados!!!
  • For the first time, scientists have successfully extracted DNA from fossilized eggshells.
  • Since many of the eggshells belonged to extinct birds, it may now be possible to learn more about mysterious prehistoric species.
  • Eggs retrieved from cold climates could lead to recovery of very ancient DNA.

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