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quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2016

Façam o vosso UAV! E Transmissão de Energia Wireless, 10 truques com tornos, Moldagem de Injecção, e façam os vossos Logotipos

Eis como podem fazer o vosso próprio UAV, para  Pesquisa, ou Fotografia!
Em 8 passos, vão aprender como podem construír a vossa própria máquina voadora: 

Make a UAV for research and photography

McMagical Engineer 
You, yes you, can build and fly a personal UAV. Read this and see how!
If you like this instructable, consider voting for me in the RC contest.
I remember riding in the car when I was little, watching the shadow of our car float over the ground beyond the guard rail. I would imagine that the shadow was from a plane and would think about what it would be like to see the journey from the air. What if I had a little plane that I could fly from the car and explore the areas just behind the trees. What if I could launch a plane on a hike, and see the far peak on the other side of the glacier, or take a video of myself and friends waving from the top of a mountain?
These days, I live near the ocean and wonder what it would be like to capture video of sailboat races, darting in and out of the masts like the seagull scene in "Finding Nemo." What about a video of whales from the air? To see what the seagulls see as they float over the water, under massive bridges and over tiny islands...
Then I found FPV UAVs and the dream became a reality.

Para tirarem proveito do wireless, como forma de energia, e ainda por cima, usando Sucata, cá têem este Instructable, que vai dar vida a sei lá quantos mais Protótipos e Engenhocas:

Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

Gursimran Singh 425

Wireless electricity is something new and exciting. While its core principles are fairly easy to understand it can quickly become overwhelming for the average person. I faced a similar problem, I found the whole thing rather overwhelming to understand due to the fact that there were many different things that I felt I needed to understand to be able to make one. So lets get to it! and here's a video of it working:- 

Segue-se uma série de Truques, para tirarem o máximo proveito dos vossos Tornos de Bancada...
E até a fazerem uma dessas Bancadas!
Cá vai:

Top 10 Vise Hacks!

Get the most out of your Bench-Vise!
After building three vises, I think I came up with enough tips, tricks, improvements, unusual uses, and hacks to stop you from getting screwed while DIY'ing (pun not intended!).
In this Instructable I will show:
How to make an improvised Drill-Press with a vise
How to save space- Clamp tools in your vise!
How to save money - Know if you should build or buy
How to make an improvised vise with a C-Clamp
And many, many more!
Let's get started! 

...Para fazerem Peças em Plástico magníficas, sigam o Instructable deste Mestre, que vos mostra como fazerem uma Moldagem por Injecção de Uretano, com Moldes de Silicone, sem falhas:

Urethane Resin Casting a Joby Gorilla Pod Hotshoe Camera Mount - Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Part:2

This is Part Two: how to Injection Cast Urethane low volume high quality plastic parts in a Silicone mold. Sometimes also referred to as Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), the process allows you to meet your low volume, injection molded plastic part needs with out aluminum or steel tooling. In my case I just need a few high quality parts, but they need to be as strong or stronger than an injection molded part.
In Part ONE of the Instructables I cover how to make the Silicone Mold that we will be injecting the Urethane resin into to make the plastic parts. Check it out here.
You will need the following for this project.
-Silicone Mold
-Two part resin, I recommend a Quality Urethane from Innovative Polymers I will be using IE-3076
-Digital cooking scale for accurate mixing of the resin
-Protective gloves to keep your body from getting sticky and absorbing harmful materials
-Mixing Cup
-Mixing stick
-Colorant, a pigment of some sort to make your parts a specific color
-Wax paper or Aluminum foil to keep resin off your work surface
-Kitchen Timer so you know how ling you have to work your resin
-An good place to work
-60ml syringe 

E para porem um Logotipo à altura destas Dicas, nos vossos Protótipos, Empresas, e Páginas, etc. que tal este Kit, com 60 peças,  para criarem o vosso Logo, totalmente Grátis?
Não quero que vos falte nada..

Logo Creation Kit 
Friends, today’s free design resource is a logo creation kit containing 60 vector elements in PSD format. Using these elements and mixing them together, you can easily create stunning logos. They are ideal for creating logos, badges and vintage elements. Don’t forget to resize the vectors to your likings.

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