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quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2016

Raspi 3! E Injecção impressa(!), controlar o Wi-Fi, fidelidade nas cores da Impressão, e um Luxo!

O fantástico e minúsculo Computador numa placa só, o RaspberryPi, não pára!
Desta vez, vem com ligação Wi-Fi, o que faz dele um Computador bem melhor que muitas carcaças que ainda andam aí...
Como o meu Computador! 
Vejam então esta análise aprofundada do "bicho": 

The Raspberry Pi 3, an in depth look...

The Raspberry Pi 3 is here. The latest version of the credit card-sized computer comes a whole year after the launch of its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 2 and four years after the launch of the original Raspberry Pi, has its own set of upgrades. Here’s the highlights: it’s faster, it has the exact same form-factor, and yes, it has wireless on it.
The Raspberry Pi 3, with four USB 2.0 ports and a 100mb/s ethernet, a 3.5mm audio jack with a composite video output over the same port via a non standard connector, a full size HDMI 1.3a connector, a micro USB type B(5V, 2Amp) connector for power, a micro SDHC card slot, a CSI camera connector, a DSI display connector, 40 GPIO male pins, shares its form factor with its predecessor, so much so, that it perfectly fits in any one of the cases made for the Raspberry Pi 2. The good news though, that it also includes onboard Wireless connectivity.

Desta, nem eu me lembrei!
Imprimir, em 3D, uma MÁQUINA DE INJECÇÃO POR MOLDE... 
Depois, será só imprimir os Moldes, e tem-se assim, UMA FÁBRICA EM CASA!!! 
Uma ideia de Génio, parabéns. 
Atenção, também, ao Site donde vem esta notícia, e em particular, ao Link que vêem no texto embaixo: 

300-Piece Miniature of Injection Molding Machine 3D Printed on Zortrax M200

Ludmiła Rafalska 
Being aware of the high potential of the 3D printing technology, we can often see the examples of mold casts made on 3D printers. It shouldn’t be surprising at all as it is one of the easiest way of creating intricate mold shapes fast and cost-efficiently. True, but this time one of our users Luca Toson surprised us with his idea of making the Evolution of the Idea
In one of our previous articles we provided you with some essential information about the molding technology and how it can complement the 3D printing technology for the sake of achieving optimum results. We hope you found it useful as this particular way of plastics processing is one of the most popular technique that allows to produce a wide range of goods, starting from small household objects to automotive interior parts.  

Com este Projecto, podem não só ter sempre à vista a velocidade da vossa ligação Wi-Fi, como podem ver QUANTOS aparelhos se estão a ligar ao vosso Router...
É bom! 
Vem também com conselhos muito ùteis para evitarem que uns espertalhões vos ratem na Ligação. 

Smart router with WiFi Connection Visualization

Seeed Studio 
Here share my latest project, a router with acrylic shell and some leds.
This router has the below functions:
Let you know how many devices had connected to your router
Show you the real-time net speed by different color of the leds
If you like this router, please follow the below steps.
And thanks @Fiernocht and the other guys provide the ideas to protect your router, really useful
password protect it
set it to the highest encryption your devices can handle ie WPA2 and AES encryption.
Ban any unauthroized MAC addresses on connection
and final, Hide your SSID, by default it broadcasts to everyone 

Para alguns fins é indierente, mas para outros, uma Côr verdadeiramente fiel ao vosso Design, ao imprimirem em 3D, é essencial.
É de interesse, então, este Artigo, para vocês, nesse caso; 
A pensar nisso, a Stratasys, e a Adobe pensam que vos arranjaram uma solução: 

True colours

Tim Fryer
Getting colour into a 3D printed part is not easy. Ground has been broken, claim Stratasys and Adobe, who have partnered to find a solution.
Additive manufacturing is now regarded as a technology that most of us are familiar with. But it is not really a single technology; more of a set of technologies with different levels of relevance for different circumstances. Some of these technologies are more embedded than others, although still mostly in a prototyping environment. But the technology required to produce realistic colour 3D models has been noticeably lagging.
Part of the reason for this is down to the lack of suitable 3D printing equipment and partly, according to John Gould, Stratasys president, North America: “To really mass adopt 3D printing we have to simplify the workflow. Today 3D printing is still too complex. Many times you need to be a CAD engineer to really understand the end to end workflow, and many choose to not adopt.”  

E há pequenos Luxos que se revelam bem ùteis, como este Acessório, para as vossas Ferramentas, que levam para todo o lado, e vos organiza a tralha como outro nenhum!

Leather Tool Roll


Lately I have been trying my skills at leather working. Because of that I have been buying (and making) more and more tools and that was a great reason for me to make a leather tool roll. Since it doesn't require a lot of tools, it is easy to make it and the roll is a very practical way of storing your tools!

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