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segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2015

3D, do Smartphone! E as maravilhosas máquinas de Del Short, IoT Open Source, e Linux sem dar por isso

Não vos fica mais facilitado do que isto, imprimirem em 3D, a partir do vosso Smartphone!
pois é como podem ver, e por apenas 99 Dólares, podem ter esta entrada nível Zero, para a Impressão 3D:

Transform Your Smartphone into a 3D Printer with OLO… Seriously
The title of this article may sound like post-modern gibberish, but transforming your smartphone into a 3D printer is exactly what OLO is designed to do.  Developed by Solido3D, a rapid prototyping and digital fabrication firm that describes itself as “the first Italian ‘digital factory'”, OLO is a device that its designers claim can turn any smartphone into a 3D printer.  And, in about a month, OLO will be available for purchase for only $99 on Kickstarter. 
Though the actual mechanics of OLO have yet to be revealed, the OLO 3D team tells me that the battery-powered device consists of only 7 components and one motor and uses “smartphone electronics to their full potential”.  The app behind the printer will be free to download and allow users to upload and manage their 3D models, as well as send them to print.  Additionally, they will be able to share their models and make their skills available to the OLO community, making the printer itself a social device. 

É um regalo para os olhos e a Mente, cortesia da Woodworking Tips, no Facebook.
Esta Máquina maravilhosa do Génio chamado Del Short, e ele há um Canal Youtube só das suas maquinetas, por isso, tenham atenção, ainda mais porque estes Movimentos todos podem ser a solução para algum problema nas vossas próprias Máquinas:

YouTube - Del's Beautiful New Wooden Machine.flv
Del Short 
An all wood mechanical machine. One of a kind. 

..E se estão metidos na IoT, ou seja, ligarem isto e aquilo à Net, nas vossas casas, ou fora, têem agora este SensorTag com 10 sensores, que corre este Sistema Operativo Open Source, Contiki, feito mesmo para isso:

Contiki on the CC2650 SensorTag
Andrew Back  
The open source operating system for the IoT on the new TI SensorTag
TI's second generation SensorTag is crammed full of features and boasts no less than 10 sensors, together with a capable CC2650 2.4GHz multi-standard wireless MCU at its heart, making it a powerful platform for prototyping IoT applications. There is no shortage of options when it comes to developing firmware for the SensorTag either, and in this post we'll take a look at the equally featured packed open source O/S for networked memory-constrained systems, Contiki

Para quem tem medo do Linux, e um Computador velho, que já não dá nada, e quer ter algo como o Windows XP a corer nele, para ainda fazer alguma coisa, o melhor é fazerem como diz neste Instructable, pois vão ter um Linux que funciona tal e qual como um Windows!

Lets Give Linux a Try (aka Lets Get that Old PC Going Again)
Are you one of those people who shrink and hide from the word "LINUX"? I know there are still some of you out there. Don't worry, your fear is treatable. Believe me. I was one of you!
This Instructable is for people like us.
I am going to show you a way to easily get over your fear while at the same time learn some new skills, create for yourself a computer tool and also get that old obsolete computer or laptop working and useful again - all in one go.
The instructions seem a bit long, but it is just a one time setup and you will see after you have read the details that you don't really have much to do to get started.

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