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segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2015

Novo Método de Impressão 3D! E Woodworking Tips, um Arduino feito em casa, e ainda mais uma Impressora 3D feita por vós

Dica da 3D Printers Online Store:
Por ser baseado num Gel que endurece com Ultra-violetas, exibe a facilidade de impressão da Impressão de Filamento, e a resolução incrível da DLP, e ainda, com um Volume enorme, e uma rapidez fantástica, parece-me que ISTO é mesmo o Futuro do Fabbing:

MASSIVit 3D: GDP Gel Dispensing 3D Printing technology  
When we think about 3d printing more often than not we are thinking about a small desktop printer, but not everything can be printed on these small printers. If we have to print larger models we have to slice it into smaller parts so that it can fit the build base of the printer. This is actually a crude stop gap solution to a problem at hand, but FDM 3d printing being extremely slow and the inability to control failed prints makes printing large objects a real task at hand. The Biggest 3d printer that we know of is the BigRep ONE.2 which has a 1M³ working volume, but it still inherits the shortcomings of the FDM printing technologies we discussed earlier. So is there a solution at sight? There certainly is and it’s coming from the promised lands of Israel. - See more at: 

Ora vejam lá... Se isto não é uma solução bacana também para o Laser Cut!
Pois é, pode-se aprender MUITO com estas Dicas de Carpintaria, da Woodworking Tips, que serve também para o Fabbing, e Engenhocas em geral: 

 Wedged Mortise & Tenon
Tap, tap, tap. The wedges go home, the glue squeezes out and a big smile lights up your face. “This joint isn’t coming apart for a hundred years,” you say. “It’s as solid as a rock!”

E se têem pouco dinheiro disponível, mas precisam dum Arduino, porque não, fazerem o vosso próprio Arduino, em casa?
É o que podem fazer com este Instructable: 

Beeduino : Homemade Arduino on a Budget 
Hey what the cost of this blue board thingy, "Arduino" i think its called?? Well the cost is about $30 per board. Woah $30 for just this simple circuit. Whats so special in it? Well nothing actually. Its just a simple open source development platform with awesome I/O and programming potentials. Open source eh? Doesn't that mean we can make our own possibly much cheaper? Well i think so....
These were my thoughts when i got into the world of ARDUINO. After having bought many original and chinese arduinos i have finally decided that its time for me to make my own arduino. Now i wouldn't recommend people starting arduino to make this but people who have worked with arduino even a little should try this. 


Como não quero que vos falte nada, aqui vai, ainda mais outra Impressora 3D para fazerem nas vossas Garagens, Oficinas, ou Cantinhos das Ferramentas... 

A low cost 3D printer with basic tools
Introducing the 'Ad(str)apto'
Welcome to our 1st attempt at doing an instructable. This is a cheap, quick and very 'hackable' bootstrap printer loosely based on the reprap 'Adapto' ( The print volume of this printer is approximately 8 litres (200x200x200mm), but could easily be adapted to print a bigger volume. 


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