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terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

Grande Prémio de Invenções do Irão! E uma Impressora 3D em Promoção, na Soluções Electrónicas, Plasma com Bitolas, e façam-no em casa! E ainda, Plástico em Placa.

Já sabem como é, de todo o Mundo, se envolve Invenções, está aqui!
Eis o Grande Prémio de Invenções do Irão, para concorrerem, se quizerem, com algo que resolva algum Problema.
Lembrem-se, os Homens veem e vão, mas as Invenções ficam:

Iran Inventions Grand Prize
About the Grand Prize 
Home technology as an organizer in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched its secretariat. In this way the organizations as sponsors to support the Technological Home. Technological Home on various steps can engage in partnership to enhance an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship.
1. Understanding the policy- making organizations and technological for the moral and material support of the project 
2. Attract agencies and industrial centers across the world 
3. Signed agreements with industry and the real need to use the technology 
4. Sign in Iran’s Science and Technology reconciliation with the agencies and organizations around the world in order to interaction of the world novel technologies and focusing on the production and commercialization of technologies

Este Site, Soluções Electrónicas, que eu desconhecia até ontem, permite-vos comprarem as vossas Impressoras 3D com toda a comodidade, e por isso, cá vai só um exemplo, uma Promoção, sim, está mais barata ;) ...
Uma Prusa por menos de 500 Euros:

O kit completo é composto por 7 partes (kits internos), todas devidamente identificadas e com os respetivos componentes para facilitar ao utilizador tanto a compreensão da parte de montagem como a identificação dos componentes incluidos. Os kits internos são:
Eixo X
Eixo Y
Eixo Z
Bolsa material suplente

Não têem dinheiro para uma Crtadora de Plasma CNC? Mas têem uma Maçarico de Plasma?
Esta é uma das tais ideias de coçar a cabeça, e perguntat porque não pensámos nisto, USEM UMA BITOLA!
Podem assim cortar na FabLab local o baratíssimo MDF, e com essa Bitola, cortar METAL, Muáháháhá! 
Vejam só este vídeo demonstrativo do método, duma série com muitos mais, e todos bons, deste grande Engenhocas DiResta:

Watch me make a Machete using one of the many old crosscut saw i own. To shape the machete i use my new Baeumont Belt Grinder The Handle is made from ziricote wood from Belize. Please share and enjoy! ... the original upload was deleted by accident in my iphone app ! apparently there is not secondary warning!!!


Como não quero que vos falte NADA, pois então, cá está como fazerem o tal Maçarico de Corte de Plasma...
EM CASA, com Sucata que tenham por aí!
Instructable de Categoria.
E muitíssimo obrigado ao Bacano que fez este Instructable, Plasanator:


How to Make Your own Plasma Cutter....Plasanator 
Check out new video of the Plasanator on
This Ebook is designed for Guys and Gals who like to create tools and machinery.
I hope my Ebook gives you hope that no matter how hard a project may seem, keep plugging away until you finish and you will succeed.
I spent 3 years putting this together and now finally all my hard work and research has paid off.
I studied diagrams from commercial venders, but to no luck. They tend to leave a lot out – on purpose - so it’s hard to reproduce their design. I’ve see different attempts at people making their own on You Tube and other sites, but what a death trap. Messy water resistors and wiring like a darn Christmas tree.
So I began reading books and articles on their workings and took my home schooled-knowledge of electronics to build my own plasma cutter. I was determined; failure was not an option.
I started by collecting parts from old microwaves, stoves, water heaters, air conditioners, car parts and more in the hopes of creating a low budget way to create a plasma cutter for myself. I mounted it all on a simple piece of scrap wood; well it’s scrap wood now. We, didn’t need that table anyway (shhhhhhh don’t tell the wife).
Then one day it all came together. I hit the power switch, placed the head to the metal, started the arc, felt the air kick and then a second hard kick (the current being drawn into play). Then BAM, it was slicing through quarter inch steel like a hot knife through butter.

Podem apenas precisar de fazer Placas ou Blocos em Plástico Reciclado, para terem à mão quando precisarem, ou maquinarem como quizerem... 
Aqui está como fazerem Plástico à fartazana, sem mais, neste exemplo, um Bloco de todo o tamanho foi ao Torno, e já lá canta uma Terrina: 

Milk top bowl
This insturctable will go through how I turn milk bottle tops (and various odd ones) into blanks for working with, mainly for turning but you can work it just like timber so your imagination is your limit :)
To start off with you need LOTS, just to be clear here LOTS of milk bottle/coke/fabricsoftner tops I get various places like cafes, staff canteens an family to save them for me just ask whoever you can.
A mold, this should be near the shape/size you want to use less caps, in my case im making a bowl so i used a bowl. If you want to be safe have one that you can melt into at 200 celsius because trying to melt it and move molds is unplesnt the lids retain loads of heat and stick to most surfaces so its just asking to cause serious burns.
An oven to melt it in. an expensive bit of kit but if you look hard in the kitchen (the place you take the lawnmower apart when it breaks before you manly shave the lawn) you might be as suprised as me that you already have one. (same applies to the mold the next cake my wife bakes will have plastic in it...)
And a work shop or tools to create! in this case a lathe was all i needed 

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