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terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2015

3D para Moldes, acabamento em Sugru, Lego para imprimir, e uma gravadora Lego NXT!

Fui o primeiro a constatar o óbvio que mais ninguém via, sou bom nisso, a Impressão 3D serve é para se fazer um Molde, do qual se farão N objectos, muito mais rápida e económicamente...
Pois cá vai Instructable a demonstrar isso mesmo! 

 ...E está cheio destas ilustrações bacanas!

3D Printed Molds Casting Tutorial: Complex Shapeshertzgamma 
Here is a very easy technique to cast complex shapes in 3D printed molds.
By complex shapes I mean shapes that are hollow, have channels or thin walls etc. Standard techniques usually involve making a negative shape of your object in sand or other material and then pouring the casting resin inside. This method is not something easy to do in a lab and it does not provide the possibility to easily cast shapes hollow from the inside. It also lacks repeatability and consistency in the final object.
It all starts with an idea - you want to make that minion figure from Despicable Me or a copy of someone's toe (why not haha).. Follow the instructable for a simple method to produce soft silicone casts out of 3D printed molds.
The process in 3 steps:
First we create the cast
Then, we mix two silicone compounds (usually or whatever you have) and pour them into the cast - gravity takes over and replaces the air in the mold with silicone
When the silicone cures we extract it from the cast and it's done!
Issues arise when we want to cast a complex object that has many surfaces or cavities.  

Interessantíssimo, eis uma técnica de acabamento dos vossos Objectos...
Em Subru!
Ou Oogoo, é claro. 
È também um pequeno Curso, de tão detalhada e organizada a Informação, 25 Passos, organizados em Capítulos.
É que é mesmo difícil não gostar deste Artigo: 

Skill Builder: Styrofoam Sculpting, Surfacing, and “Sugru Skinning”Jude Pullen 
The modeling technique I used in my Ergo Mouse project (MAKE Volume 38) has 3 main steps: sculpting, surfacing, and Sugru skinning. But you can apply it to any creative process requiring models to explore interactions and aesthetics, quickly and at low cost. 


Os nosso amigos da MyMiniFactory ofereçem-vos estas peças de Lego para imprimirem nas vossas Impressoras!
Ora aí está algo para agradar a Pequenos e Grandes Geeks, é só descarregar... 

Printable Lego Brick Starter Pack,brick 
This is the Printable Lego Brick starter pack! It in includes 11 different brix types that allow you to print, build and create your imagination.
Each brick prints support free and takes less than 15 minute per brick.
Create your master pieces and upload your pictures to the page! We can't wait to see what you have up your creative sleeves!
It is fully compatible with standard Lego bricks and can be used to enhance and create your old Lego sets! 

Falando de Lego, eis como podem fazer uma Gravadora Laser, com Lego NXT, e sem Solvdagem.
Ora isto é porreiro, porque aprendem a fazer uma Máquina CNC, e se, um dia, arranjarem um laser mais forte, do que este, tirado dum DVD...
Podem cortar Acrílico!
E suspeito que podem já cortar Cartão, assim... 

Lego NXT Laser Engraver
After seeing a few laser engravers on Instructables and their intricate results I decided it would be worth building my own machine to make some wooden signs and artwork. I also decided I wanted it to be easy to build but still relatively effective at engraving images and that other people would be able to build as well. Thus my goal was to make it cost-effective and simple enough that anyone with some basic electronics knowledge and materials could build it without much difficulty. Initially I was going to use Arduino and almost all 3D-printed parts, but after having some printer issues I figured Legos would make things much simpler and easier to work with, and it's turned out fairly well. It's not industrial-grade and it has some issues of its own, but it's a great way to get started with using and building custom CNC tools, and doesn't require any knowledge of Arduino or soldering. 

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