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quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015

5000 Dólares para o vosso Protótipo!!! E OpenPi, Ponoko, agora, Corta Metal, 10 usos para o VLC, Uma Oficina num só móvel, e um Fogareiro.portátil

Querem 5000 Dólares para construír a vossa Engenhoca, ou o vosso Protótipo?
Concorram, DEPOIS de patentearem a Ideia, a este Concurso da Make, e habilitam-se a ter o Protótipo dos vosso sonhos...
DEPOIS de patentearem a Ideia!

Pitch Your Prototype… And Win $5,000
Jon Christian

Want a chance to win $5,000 and be featured at MakerCon New York this September? If so, consider entering the Pitch Your Prototype contest, a collaboration between Make: and Cornell University with the goal of digging up promising prototypes from the Maker community. Maybe you’ve been working on a wearable, or wrestling with a Raspberry Pi. Regardless, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there by entering—contestants in previous Make: contests have included an aerial film platform, plushies modeled on video game characters and an outrageous four-wheeled bicycle made from recycled materials.

Maquineta fantástica, dica do nosso amigo Fernando Mattoso Lemos, eis uma Ferramenta para os Inventores, que vos permite juntar Controle programável ao que precisem, como queiram, e au um preço bacano!
É bom, ou não?
Até a Microsoft está usando...

Open source design lowers cost by 2/3rds of building Raspberry Pi Compute 1&2 powered cool stuff.
Update : We are adding to the design support for Bluetooth Low Energy
Update : We are adding an IR receiver to OpenPi
Update : Check out OEM and EmonCMS running on OpenPi read more
Update : Microsoft are using OpenPi on Tech Days read more

Wouldn’t it be great to build hardware at the speed or cost of software?
OpenPi is an open source project, and a neat alternative to the Rasberry Pi Compute development kit. The holistic approach for non-embedded engineers, guides people who love to write software, through the problematic stages of getting small scale products to market. On offer are reference PCB’s, a customisable ABS case, open-source design files and collaborative design support. When it’s as easy to get up and running as a games console, and affordable enough for cottage industry inventors to profit from, OpenPi is forging a new way of bringing cool ideas to the masses.

Pois é, podem mandar agora os vossos desenhos para a Ponoko, e recebem em casa as peças cortadas, em Aço, Cobre, ou Bronze!  
Por isso, inscrevam-se e mandem vir as vossas engenhocas 

New! Streamlined Support for Photochemical Machining

Making with metal just got a whole lot easier.

We are thrilled to announce new streamlined support for Photochemical Machining. Previously, if you wanted to create something using Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel, you had to take an extra step to email us the extra details of your order.
Now you can upload PCM design files directly to your Personal Factory account. In addition, you can now upload and get a quote for metal parts along with Laser Cut & 3D Printed designs at the same time, all in one order.
How to make with Photochemical Machining (PCM):
  1. Prepare and save your vector design as a PDF using our Metal Machining Starter Kits.
  2. Upload your PDF to your Personal Factory account.
  3. Select your choice of metal materials and proceed to checkout as usual.
That’s it! You’re now on your way to receiving some awesome metal goodies in your mailbox. Please note: The design requirements for PCM are slightly different from laser cutting with other materials. You’ll want to be sure to read through our design guides before uploading your designs.

Achado através do Stumbleupon, o Site HowToGeek vem-nos ensinar como fazer de tudo um pouco, em Vídeo, com o programa Grátis VLC Media Player!

10 Useful Features Hidden in VLC, The Swiss Army Knife of Media Players

There’s a good chance you already use the VLC media player. But VLC isn’t just a media player — it’s a complete Swiss Army Knife for digital videos and music, filled with useful and fun features you haven’t found yet.
If you’re just using VLC to play back local media files, you’re only using a tiny fraction of VLC’s capabilities. There’s so much more you can do with VLC, whether you’re using it on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

E só porque sim, cá vão de embute, dois Instructables impecáveis...
Este, como fazerem uma Oficina num Móvelzinho articulado e cheio de truques, com rodas e tudo!

Complete workshop in a shelf

Most Instructables projects require you to have some basic tools and a workshop available - unfortunately, most people do not have the space for these bare essentials available. Just like me.
My girlfriend and I live in a moderate sized apartment for some years now. We have got a spare room that offers sufficient room for our hobbies. Now we expect a baby and this room is assigned to it. As a consequence, I have to move all my tools in a tiny compartment of an IKEA shelf and have to find a new workspace too.
I approached this problem, by building a compact yet solid frame made of low-cost aluminum extrusions. It offers some very handy features:
  • storage space and organization for my tools
  • frame acts as a multi-purpose workbench. It offers:
    • a drill press
    • a router table
    • a bench vise
  • Concept is very flexible and may find further extensions.
Everything is designed to fit the size of the compartment. Total costs of this project are about 150 EUR.

Faz frio que se farta, pelo menos em Portugal, mas eis como terem, e até fazerem, a vossa comida quentinha para onde quer que
forem, com quase lenha nenhuma!
E facílimo de se fazer:

UPDATE! Backpacking Gasifier Stove

Hello, this is Quark- and I am here to show you how to make your own TLUD (Top Level Updraft gasifier stove), and you can look them up at They are essentially a stove that burns the fuel not once, but twice. The base thermos holes allow air into the fuel, while the top holes allow preheated air down into the stove to basically burn the fires smoke. I recently learned about the design while looking up specification for the popular Biolite Campstove, a design which I sought to make. Only then did I learn that it was a gasifier, and the rest is history. They are often used in third world countries, due to the fact that they are incredibly cheap to manufacture and are 10x more efficient than just a plain fire. Because of the double-walled construction, it is easy to use a simple food thermos to make one of these beauties. Enough talking, Onward!

Publicidade, eis um jogo bacana:

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