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quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2014

Jacto de Areia feito em casa, OK Go, um Carregador USB, e uma Placa electrónica impressa em 3D.

Eis mais uma maquineta útil de ter na Oficina, uma Caixa de Jacto de Areia, e  feito numa hora, por menos de 50 Euros...
Uma maravilha para os Engenhocas que também são uns grandes Sucateiros, e que podem assim raspar a Ferrugem de tralha que vão encontrando! 

DIY Sand Blaster $50 in an hour

No long intro, get started and save $200 and 8 hours of assembly on the big red one you keep seeing.

It's a media blaster to prep your metal for welding or powder coating, prep your beer glass for awesomeness, remove unsightly body hair painfully, feel like you are at a public beach, and tear stuff up.


Ok Go é uma Benda, e fazem para além de Música Rock, coisas como transformar de tudo em Instrumentos Musicais, por meio dos Kits LittleBits:

OK Go Collaboration – Another Set of Objects

Toaster synths are a thing.

Today we are happy to share the results of a very fun collaboration with the band OK Go. We first started chatting around the time the Synth Kit was released in the hopes of finding a project to collaborate on. Unlike most rock bands, OK Go have the additional quality of having excellent visual creativity as well as an interest in emerging technology. On top of that, they have been involved in maker initiatives and DIY projects over the years.
In preparation for their most recent album release, “Hungry Ghosts,” the band put together a Pledge Music campaign to share their process and raise money by providing unique experiences for fans. This ranged from personal art critiques to disposable cameras filled with tour photos to a customized synthesizer. That’s where we came in.


Eis uma série de Carregadores numa caixa, para quando o PC está ausente ou desligado, para Telemóveis, e outra aparelhagem USB que precise de re-carregar:

Power Stacker: Stackable USB Rechargeable Battery System

Power Stacker is a portable, modular, USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Stack them together for power hungry projects or separate them for smaller projects with this modular system. The Gerber, BOM, and .STL files are available below.

Power Stacker does what other USB rechargeable batteries have failed to do, and that's the ability to combine together for increased battery capacity or separate in to many small batteries for smaller projects. You can literally use the same Power Stacker batteries for many years across many applications!


E uma dica de Tozé Soares, pode-se fazer de tudo com uma Impressora 3D, até placas de Circuito Electrónico, com Caixa, e tudo:

Creating a 3D Printable Circuit Board for a Practical Application

Scott J Grunewald

We’re not to the point where a completely 3D printable circuit board is feasible – although we’re getting close – but that doesn’t mean that 3D printing can’t save makers and home builders plenty of time by allowing for the creation of custom shaped boards. Over on YouMagine, user JonnyBischof created a customized 3D printed circuit board (with enclosure) for his Ultimaker Heated Bed MosFET Relay Hack.


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