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quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014

Electrónica Fácil! E Impressoras SLS mais baratas, Um E-Book da Sculpteo, e Coragem a sério!

Dica excelente do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, nesta Rubrica de E-Revista a seguir, Electronics Weekly, Engineer in Wonderland, surge esta maravilha, ou melhor, uma série de maravilhas, 10 Programas de Simulação de Circuitos Electrónicos, como Fontes de Alimentação, Apmlificadores, de monitorização, etc.
Tomem nota do Artigo, da Revista, e do Link para a série de programas que figura nele:

LED flasher 2: Hats off to Mr Kurt and LTspice

Mr Kurt, wise commenter of this parish, drew my attention to LTspice.
What a revelation :-)
LTspice is a free version of spice from Linear Technology, and it is delightfully easy to use, intuative, and seems to work rather well.
Note, there is a flasher version 3
Current through component and voltages on nodes can be displayed with a single click on the schematic.
Having messed for ages with my little flasher circuit on the bench, running it through LTspice has helped me think through its limitations and confirm some suspicions I had.
Good thing 1: It oscillated in spice – once I had messed with some values a little.
LED flasher block diagramThis is the basic idea of the circuit
My cunning idea (now proved to be not-so-cunning) was to have constant current supply to a capacitor and load it with an oscillator whose load is an LED.
The oscillator senses the capacitor and turns the led on when the supply voltage reaches a high threshold, then off when it drops below a lower threshold.
Providing the LED current is greater than the supply current, it should flash along happily and regulate the capacitor voltage.

As Impressoras SLS, as de pó sinterizado, estão cada vez mais baratas, dica da 3D Printers Online Store, o que as torna acessíveis a cada vez mais gente...
É bom!
Dica de Scarlett Jackson, vejam este Artigo sobre a Ester 3D Printer, a 2500 Dólares:

SLS 3D Printing Machines Are Getting Affordable

Even the expensive and most wanted SLS machine are getting affordable. Addictive manufacturing is getting more popular among scientist and engineers, who is not buying a 3d printer for research instead making a 3d printer with some unique features that no other current market does.

In no quick time we are hearing some good news about SLS machine which are hitting the market with bang, Ester 3d printer has launched their product in indiegogo at the rate $2500 which comes as unassembled. For those who doesn’t know about SLS machine cost won’t be surprised since the price usually around beyond $200,000, Brandon Fosdick is the genius behind this invention of Ester 3d printer and provides all these parts, hardware, software so that people can upgrade, modify this machine into a better one. This machine doesn’t support material as they accept the powder kind of material to get print.



Como saber que peças mandar imprimir, ou que Máquina comprar, quando se escolhe a Impressão 3D como parte da nossa Vida Profissional?
Eis um livro bastante completo, com os vários métodos de Fabrico, omparando-os e dando várias dicas sobre como mandar imprimir em cada caso.
Basta preencherem com o vosso nome e emal, que têem direito a este E-book, e ficam ainda a saber as novidades da Sculpteo.
De notar, o Link no fim da página, para o caso de quererem saber em quanto ficará mandarem fabricar uma peça repetidas vezes, para a Sclupteo: :

3D Printing / Traditional manufacturing: Guide to cost efficiency

In this guide, you will find a comparative study between 3D Printing and Plastic Injection Molding. In order to download it for free, all you need to do is fill the above fields.
In comparison with traditional production techniques, especially plastic molding, the advantages of 3D Printing go far beyond Rapid Prototyping or object customization.
Sculpteo’s online 3D Printing services allow professionals and consumers to produce short series in an economically competitive manner.
We conducted a study on cost efficiency through short series manufacturing with the hope to prove 3D printing’s competitive edge. The study’s goal: determine when it’s more cost effective to use 3D Printing (through SLS processes) as opposed to Plastic injection for your production.
Our study first takes into consideration qualitative aspects such as elasticity, resistance and finishes before switching to more quantitative research.

Isto é que é um caso de Coragem, de Família a sério, e de Serviço à Humanidade!!!
Estão todos aqui, de parabéns;
As Crianças, os Pais, e também, essa maravilhosa ideia que foi a KidMob.
Leia, e maravilhem-se com o melhor que a Humanidade produz, graças a Deus...

Playful Prosthetic Arm

I met nine-year-old Aidan Robinson at a summer camp he attended called Superhero Cyborgs. This camp, run by KIDmob, is a place where kids with a variety of limb differences design their own prosthetic and orthotic devices. Each kid's design was impressive, but Aidan's playful ideas really resonated with me. To me, Aidan's ideas were a model for how prosthetic devices could and should be more appropriate, useful, and fun than those typically used for both children and adults.The typical prosthetic arm has a robotic hand or a hook that does not adapt well to a variety uses.
Aidan was born without a left arm below the elbow and has had many different types of prosthetics, all leaving him feeling almost better off without them. Despite these hurdles, and like the resilient and creative kid he is, Aidan adapted extremely well to life with a limb difference and is more active than most kids his age. Because the prosthetic is a part of him, we both felt that he needed a device that accurately reflected his personality and interests.



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