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sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2014

Um Livro, uma Espingarda, um Post sobre Delta Printers, e um Programa para todo o CNC

Já de volta à venda, revisto e melhorado, eis o meu E-livro "Prototypes: To build about anything without giving up", desta vez, actualizado, e com Links já não um Pdf, mas um Ebook que podem ler nos Pads e Smarthphones:

Prototypes: To build about anything without giving up

Edgar Castelo

You too, can try and build your Ideas to life!

Follow these simple steps and suggestions, read trough the Examples, browser the large list of Internet Links to great resources! 




Hão-de reparar nos Links ao lado, encima, tanto do Ebook, como desta espingardita, de que podem comprar os Planos, com Instrucções e tudo, para mandarem cortar a primeira Espingarda Nerf feita por Corte CNC do Mundo!


Five Shot Sniper - Nerf darts required

A fantastic working rubber band gun, comes with detailed assembly instructions!
Build your very own Five Shot Sniper using Nerf darts, paper clips and rubber bands! All that's required is glue to keep everything together.

> Blueprints are digital PDF files and include step-by-step assembly instructions. Learn how to design and build your own models by getting the CNC Design Anthology. Click here for more information. (will open in new window)

Se estiverem interessados nas Delta Printers, aquelas Impressoras 3D que imprimem melhor, mais depressa, e sem problemas de tamanho, podem visitar este interessante Site, o Unique 3D, exactamente sobre essas Impressoras, e que vos esclarecerá muitas dúvidas:

About useful modifications of the Delta 3D printer

I really like the Delta 3D printer.
This 3d printer is not similar to any of the existing 3d printers.
It has an amazing design, not the usual technical solution and high speed printing.
Sometimes people ask me about what parts are best to use for 3D Delta printer? And how to improve print quality?
In this article I will explain that it is better to use when creating the Delta 3D printer.!About-useful-modifications-of-the-Delta-3D-printer/cihj/0555B96F-2889-4691-920F-377A540EC

E para fazerem a vossa própria Máquina CNC, podem ter de fazer um Programa só vosso, daí que podem achar interesse neste Programa que faz Programas:

Mecsoft CAM systems

Mecsoft CAM systems are truly multi-talented. With different modules for milling, turning, nesting and converting artwork into geometry they are ideally suited for simple and complex milling tasks, even on different CAD platforms.

   Multicore technology with ModuleWorks algorithms
   32 and 64 bit versions
   Open post-processor generator
   3D milling starting from 1.250 Euro net
   Subsequent upgrades are always possible
   Optional software maintenance, no compulsory
   subsequent costs
   Easy-to-use CAM for everybody
   Simply structured user interface
   Short training period
   Best suited for newcomers
   Stand-alone or completely integrated in Rhino,
   SolidWorks, Geomagic Design
   Several languages versions:
   English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,
   Durch, Czech, Polish
   Low investment – fast amortisation


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