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terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

O Novo Raspi! E dicas da Emachineshop, um Detector de Radiações para o Povo, e a Caneta-Ferramentas

Dica da DesignSpark, eis o novo Raspberry Pi, diferente dos outros, logo à primeira vista, porque é mais interactivo com o Mundo Real.
Cá está o Raspberry Pi B+, cheio de conexões de, e para, o Exterior:

Introducing the Raspberry Pi B+


If you enjoy interfacing your Raspberry Pi with the real world by (for example) connecting sensors or controlling LEDs and motors, there will have been times when you have wanted to have more inputs and outputs on the GPIO header, or a couple more USB ports for connecting peripherals. Well, the good news is that the folks at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have obviously listened to the growing community of Raspberry Pi users and developed an enhanced version of the Raspberry Pi called the model B+

Este é um muito bom Programa CAD grátis, que vos dá Orçamentos dependendo dos Materiais, e podem logo encomendar online a peça a fazer...
Estou a falar do Emachineshop, que vos dá isto tudo, e mais uma data de Tutoriais impecáveis, como este:

2D Trick 2: How to Draw an Arc Shaped Slot for Rotating Parts

Here's another handy 2D drawing trick you will likely need in the eMachineShop CAD software - drawing an arc shaped slot for a rotating part.

Com o que se passa no Mundo, não fará mal ter uma Gigajoga destas, um Detector de Radiações acessível, para qualquer um ter em casa,....
E esperar NUNCA precisar dele.
Mas para Sucateiros convictos, como os Engenhocas e Inventores, há sempre a possibilidade de acharem algo que querem ter a certeza que é inofensivo...
Ou não.

Small, portable and cheap radiation detector is being designed for the public

Ben Coxworth

Ever since the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, there has understandably been an upsurge in the sale of consumer radiation-detecting devices. Most of these gadgets are variations on the Geiger counter, in that they alert the user to the presence and level of radiation, but not the type of radiation – which is very important to know. Researchers at Oregon State University are hoping to address that situation, with the MiniSpec. Currently in development, the handheld device will additionally tell its users what type of radionuclide is creating the radiation, and whether it poses a risk.

E com esta Caneta, não ficam desprevenidos, para quando é preciso dar à Ferramenta.

Tool Pen by Mininch aims to be your go-to multi-tool

Adam Williams
Those in the market for a new multi-tool already have plenty of choice, but Mininch aims to stand out from the crowd with its Tool Pen: a screwdriver-like tool which draws inspiration from a 1980s kid's pencil and can carry six bits in its barrel. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds and bring its product into production.

The Tool Pen is made from aluminum, and is available in silver, champagne, or gunmetal. It measures 15 cm (6.2 in) long and 1.75 cm (0.68 in) in diameter – so it's bigger than your average pen, but still pocketable.
With the six bits inside, the total weight of the tool comes to 93 grams (3.2 ounces). The side of the barrel includes windows, which allow the user to work out where the required bit is, and there's also a magnet-secured lid to stop you stabbing yourself.

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