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quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

Como fazer toda a espécie de moldes! E imprimir um Motor eléctrico Brushless, um Despertador LittleBits, e um Saco que filtra àgua

Eis algo a fazer o download do respectivo .Pdf, porque é útil para toda a gente...
Toda a espécie de Moldes, para toda a espécie de usos, e ainda vem com Links impecáveis, para Materiais:

How to make molds

This Instructable is an introduction to the basics of mold making for people interested in mold making with little to no knowledge on the subject.

It will walk you through some important vocabulary, break down the major mold types and help you select the correct mold for your project.

Para os vossos Projectos de Modelismo, Protótipos especiais, e o que mais, cá vai como Imprimirem, em 3D o vosso Motor Brushless!
E esta, hem?

3D Printed DC Motor 

I designed and 3D printed a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor, and used an Arduino to control the motor. All parts of the motor, excluding magnets, solenoid wrapping wire, and hall effect sensors, were printed with a Makerbot Replicator 2. The video shows the completed working motor.


Este Despertador, um Projecto  LittleBits de Docktor Bob, é muito interessante, porque também gera Ruído Branco, para disfarçar ruídos de fundo, e vos pôr a dormir!

Cloud Sleeper: The Arduino Big Ben Wake Up Call
Doktor Bob
This project shows how to use a new littleBits cloud Bit to control an Arduino Bit, to hack the best of both worlds for light and heavy sleepers. Many folks use white noise for relaxing and helping sleep by masking background sounds, and Web retailers sell specialized sound generators for those purposes. At the other end of the night, sound sleepers often need a wake up call to get them going for the day. This circuit uses a random (noise) module with mix and speaker modules from the Synth Kit, together with cloud, Arduino at Heart, and LED modules to handle both needs.

E esta é uma abençoada, e engenhosa, ideia para os Países do Terceiro Mundo, dica de Lara lopes, da Interesting Engineering,um Saco de Grão, que vem com um Saco que filtra a àgua para beber!

Grain Sack That Doubles as a Solar Powered Water Purifier for the Third World
Lara Lopes
The container uses Solar Water Disinfectant Process (SODIS) technology to kill organisms in the contaminated liquid through thermal treatment and UV-A-radiation, which easily penetrates the PVC easily. An internal filter is able to remove all microorganisms bigger than 5 nanometers. To get an idea of this filter’s efficiency, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis is 200 nanometers in size.


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