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quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013

Bicicletas Faça-você Mesmo! E uma Churrasqueira,ver ficheiros CAD, e uma Fita Métrica por Ultra-sons

Fazer uma Bicicleta, implica, fazer um Quadro para a vossa Bicicleta.
O que requer a vossa própria Armação para segurar os tubos, e soldar, etc.
Oras cá está como fazer a dita Armaçao, com Perfis de Alumínio, e podem fazer vários tipos de Bicicleta com ela!
E já repararam...

Que podem fazer N outras coisas, como Armações de Máquinas CNC, ou outras Máquinas, seguindo este método?

Bicycle Frame Building Jig
A little over a year ago I took a bicycle frame building class through the United Bicycle Institute. I attended the chromoly brazing class at their Portland campus. Since then I have wanted to build more bike frames. I am interested in making money doing it, and perhaps someday, making it my sole source of income. On the path to becoming a bicycle frame builder one of my biggest obstacles is acquiring a frame building jig. They are expensive, arguably the most expensive single tool you need to accurately build quality bicycle frames. So I, like many bicycle frame hobbyists, decided to build by own. My personal goal for my frame jig however, was to build a professional quality frame jig. I wanted something I could potentially start a business with.


E que tal uma Churaasqueira?
Eis como a fazer uma, e depressa, em Aço, usando Material que encontram numa Sucateira:

How to make a fireplace / BBQ out of steel

This is how to make a nice big firebowl for a BBQ really fast in the workshop..


Como ver ficheiros CAD, sem programas CAD?
Com este programa, que tem uma versão de teste Grátis, que tem a possibilidade de se exportar para o formato JT:

Highlights of KeyView V12

  • The absolute highlight of KeyView 12 is the new add-on module for JT export.
    JT is a compact ISO-standardized, neutral data format. It is often used in application processes after geometry creation. Teamwork is possible regardless of a CAD system.
  • Display of meta-data and other enhancements in the structure-tree
  • KeyView V12 is significantly downsized and reduced (approx. 40% smaller). Save valuable time during installation and download as well as space required.

    Further innovations:
  • New Installation routine
  • New „Silent“ Installation (MSI-file)
  • License activation through WEB for Floating Licenses
  • Quick Open and Precise Open are merged into one
  • Update of Importers
  • Import of CADDS 3D files
  • Improved CGM Export (specially for technical documentation)


E para situações em que não dá para se medir algo com Fita Métrica...
Meçam com Ultra-Sons!
Com este Aparelho que vocês podem construir:

Ultrasonic measuring tape

This time I will try something new. To make sure I don't forget about important steps of the build process, I will write the instructable while I am soldering, making measurements, locating software bugs. Hopefully this will allow everyone to follow what I have to say, and why I am saying it. Let's start with the stuff I put on the table now, at the very beginning.

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