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segunda-feira, 11 de novembro de 2013

Imprimir Circuitos na vossa Impressora! E um Maçarico a Àgua, 3 motas fantásticas, Botões de PC no Mundo Real, e quanto custa cortar a Laser

E que tal imprimirem os vossos Circuitos Electrónicos, na vossa Impressora comum, onde imprimem os documentos em Papel?
Deve de ser o Sonho de todo o Enhenhocas Electronico, desenhar uns rabiscos num Bloco-notas depois num programa de desenho, e zás, é só testas a coisa!!!
Pois já podem:

New technique to print ink-based electrical circuitry using a desktop printer

Randall Marsh

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a new technique to print advanced, ink-based electrical circuitry on a desktop printer. Using about US$300 worth of off-the-shelf equipment, the researchers were able to print arbitrary-shaped circuits on resin-coated paper, PET film, and glossy photo paper with silver nanoparticle ink.
Printing circuits isn’t entirely new, but the team’s technique makes the process faster and cheaper. Similar to graphene-based printing done at the Max Planck Institute, Georgia Tech's method uses empty ink jet cartridges, except it does not require heating for ink placement.
Initiated by the University of Tokyo and with Microsoft Research contributing to the concept, Georgia Tech took the reigns of the project building on its materials and circuit design expertise previously seen in the creation of paper-based sensors for explosives. The team was able to print ink-based circuits in as little as 60 seconds.

Eis um Maçarico mais seguro, porque usa a Electrólise para criar o combustível que consome, evitando Depósitos de Combustível perigosos, como o Acetileno e o Propano:

SafeFlame torch turns water into fire

Ben Coxworth

The pressurized acetylene and propane gas used in brazing and related tasks is highly flammable, and thus very dangerous. You know what isn't flammable, though? Water. Bearing that in mind, the European Union-funded SafeFlame consortium has developed a torch system that generates a flame using nothing but H2O and electricity.
SafeFlame utilizes an electrical current to electrolyze ordinary water, separating it into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Those gases are then mixed and ignited as they exit the torch's nozzle. By fine-tuning the proportions of the two gases, different types of flames can be produced for different applications.

Eis 3 Motas de pasmar, porque isto de Engenhocas também tem momentos destes, de pasmar ante coisas muito bem esgalhadas...

Caterham charged to produce e-bikes and motorcycles

Angus MacKenzie
Since 1957 Caterham Group has been known for its purpose-built sports cars, Formula One entries and overall motorsports shenanigans. This week at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan, however, Caterham announced that it will be expanding its product offerings from four-wheeled machinery to that of the two-wheeled variety. Starting in 2014 Caterham Bikes will introduce three new products: the Brutus 750, the Classic E-Bike and the Carbon E-Bike.

Continuando com Tinta e Electrónica, eis como podem fazer Mostras Interactiva de qualidade, com este Instructable que vos ensina a pintar Ícones no Mundo Real, por assim dizer, pois é só tocar nas imagens, como nas Imagens Interactivas, nos Sistemas Operativos dos Computadores, e Páginas Web!

Stencilling graphics with Electric Paint

With our new Touch Board, you can turn touch into sound on practically any material, but you may also want to make cool graphics that are interactive too!  For a quick way of testing something why not make a stencil? This tutorial shows you how to make crisp clean graphics with Electric Paint and paper or vinyl stencils.

The Touch Board is currently on Kickstarter, so if you like what you see please support this project, and help make the Touch Board a reality!

E quanto vos custa cortar placa numa máquina de Laser CNC?
O nosso amigo Jon Cantin explica, neste Vídeo, não é uma Mina de Ouro, mas se fizerem bem as contas à vida, dá para viver disso... 
Como em tudo o resto!

Ask the CNCKing: What are the electricity costs of running a CNC laser?

How much in electricity does a laser cutter and engraver cost to run? You'll find-out using my friend's calculations based off his 400 watt Kern HSE 100. distributes AI, CDR, EPS, DXF, STL, DAE, PartWorks and PDF files and scaled measurement free templates.

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