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terça-feira, 8 de outubro de 2013

Elefantes geniais, BMX eléctricas, MadagasCar, e a E-Revista da Autodesk

Do nosso amigo Rob Ives, vem esta Newsletter com este Elefante bacana, que é um gosto de montar, mais um outro Mecanismo de Papel, que podem integrar nos vossos projectos:

Flex-Trunk Elephant Download and Make

New paper animation to download and make. Pull the tail and the unique flexible trunk rises.
Members can download the model for free! Thanks for signing up. Non-members can download the parts for £2.50 on the website.

Estâo com vontade de ter uma Bicicleta Eléctrica, sem pagarem por elas mais do que por um Carro?
Façam assim:

Electric BMX Bicycle


The first thing to decide when making an e-bike is which frame to use. When choosing a frame, keep in mind that the size, material, and rim options. If you are going to weld mounts to it, look for frame that are steel and not aluminum. Also keep in mind that usually only 20in BMX rims and road bike rims have threads on both sides to mount an additional sprocket to. I chose a BMX frame because it it's steel, has rims I can mount to, is light weight, and compact so it can fit into a car. 

A Euromagnete é bacana com esta E-revista, que nos traz, entre outras coisas, esta inicitiva de mérito, e que vende estes carros e Aviôes engraçadíssimos, im-pe-cá-vel:


Dear friends of super magnets:
Autumn tends to invite us to take a step back and approach things at a more leisurely pace. Here at supermagnete, however, we don't feel any of that. We are full of energy and busy thinking up new product creations, ideas and services for you.
But first take a look at the news that happened over the summer.
Matthias Ackermann, Reto Heygel and team

MadagasCAR - for a good cause
Skilled handiwork turned old tin cans into imaginative mini cars and planes. These one-of-a-kind items can be attached to metal surfaces - thanks to the neodymium magnet on the bottom.
The most important thing about our new shop article, however, is the fact that it benefits two good causes: The craftsmen in Madagascar receive fair wages and we donate our profit from the sales to the project Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy.

E mais uma E-Revista, Innovation Edge, esta da Autodesk, com notícias da Autodesk, e dos seus Plugins, etc.
Neste número, temos o acesso à Núvem da Net, analisar e limpar Meshes para passarem dum Scan 3D a um Objecto que possam imprimir, e como animar com a Autodesk:

October 2013

Welcome to Innovation Edge - an Autodesk® Labs newsletter. This brief publication highlights technologies and utilities available on Autodesk Labs. Please give them a try. Your experience shapes the future of our technology.

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