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sexta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2013

Blocos Braille, Jet-Packs, arrumar a Ferramenta, Dremmel, e uma Forja Elećtrica

Eis uma bela ideia, ensinar as crianças cegas, com blocos de montar com Braille!
Abençoados sejam os que tiveram tal ideia.
Se puderem, façam deste Projecto uma realidade, e sintam-se bem com vós prórpios:

Fittle - helping blind children learn through touch

Fittle is an accessible learning toolset for visually challenged kids to learn words and their shapes through a playful puzzle.
March 2014 is going to be the lucky month when we ship out the complete Fittle Sets (words/shapes from A-Z) to blind schools, teachers, and parents all over the world!
If you believe in the idea, become a part of the project by contributing, or even sharing this link with others. Even referring people could earn you goodies! :)

Fittle is a revolution in the world of education for the visually challenged. It is a one-of-its-kind word puzzle through which kids can learn new words, and learn how things are shaped. Imagine teaching a visually impaired kid that Turtle spells as T-U-R-T-L-E, and being able to let them feel the turtle in their hands, as they learn the spelling. Imagine the joy of a kid at feeling the form of an airplane in his hands, especially, after he has put together the entire airplane himself, with his very hands

Um Jet-Pack re-desenhado, é algo que chama as atenções dos Engenhocas, e cá vai disto, não é mesmo um JET Pack, porque funciona a hélices, mas é divertido à mesma...

Redesigned Martin Jetpack deliveries expected to start in 2014

Brian Dodson

The Martin Jetpack being developed by Martin Aircraft Company in New Zealand has undergone a major design overhaul. Reemerging as the P12 prototype, the ducted-fan personal VTOL is fully certified for manned test flights as a Class 1 microlight. The first commercial sales, now expected in mid-2014, will be for first responder applications, such as rescue, fire, and police missions. According to the company, sales to individuals will follow shortly after the initial models are vetted in field use.

Para arrumar as vossas Chaves de Parafusos na Bancada, eis uma forma de arrumar as VOSSAS Chaves, e outras ferramentas, à vossa maneira... 
Mas mesmo arrumadas!

VC Screwdrivers Holder


This idea came up as soon as I was introduced to PVC a little better ) Right away thought of a customizable holder over my desk, that was easy to disusemble and re do into more complicated with time. So here it is, made and shared ;) enjoy, please dont judje to much, its my first instructuble )) more on the way !

O meu Dremel é uma maravilha, mas este, vem com mais coisas, e podem ver que um Dremel, 4 Mulltifixações, e 45 acessórios, é um argumento suficiente para darem uma vista de olhos pelo vídeo que está neste Link...

DREMEL® 3000 (3000-4/45)

Este kit prático e simples com projeto inclui a multiferramenta DREMEL® 3000 juntamente com 4 multifixações, 45 acessórios Dremel genuínos, o bloco de madeira de pinho e rodas para completar o projeto do carro em madeira de pinho. A grande variedade de acessórios e multifixações incluídos pode ser usada para uma gama de projetos adicionais.

E eis que chega este Instructable, para que possam fazer a vossa própria Forja Eléctrica, onde poderão derreter metais, forjá-los, para além da Cerâmica, e mais o que necerssite de altas temperaturas!

Homemade Electric Kiln

I was frustrated with the price of electric burnout kilns for ceramics, metal annealing, glass enameling, and melting precious metals etc,. so I decided to build my own. Most kilns that run at these temperatures cost between $600 and $1200. With a little help from a guy at a ceramics store, I built one for about $120 (not including the power controller and pyrometer). This little electric kiln can get up to 2000 degrees F and is easy to make without any special tools besides a handheld router. I also wanted one that I could take apart and replace the element, since these are inexpensive.

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