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sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Ar-condicionado na Camisa! e um Robot que passa por debaixo de portas, Very Bery, e uma conexão MESMO de confiança.

Nestes dias de calor insuportável, desatem a hackar as Camisas!
Uma modificação simples... É preciso é ter vontade de sacrificar uma Camisa.

air-conditioned shirt

Air conditioned shirt keeps you cool while looking professional; so you can keep your cool. This air-conditioned short has two fans (on either side near the back of this dress shirt) that force cool air under the clothing and out through the collar and cuff openings. Perfect for those long, hot summer days stuck at the office. I've explored alternative clothing to keep cool at work before, and this air-conditioned shirt is a fine additional to my cooling arsenal.

I was inspired to make the air conditioned shirt after seeing the commercially available one from Kuchofuku (Japan). They are the "only one company in the world" that makes them, and they retail retail for $138. Using reclaimed computer fans, scrap electronics, and a dapper dress shirt from the thrift store, I was able to make this AC Shirt for around $10 - and can work with almost any type or style of shirt or pants.

Eis algo bom para inspeccionar edificações em risco, um Robot-Barata, que passa por debaixo de algumas portas, volta a pôr-se direito, de der uma cambalhota, e anda por toda a parte, a alta velocidade!


Limbo lower now: 3D-printed STAR bot flattens itself to crawl under doorways

Jonathan Fincher

Nature has been the source of inspiration for a variety of different forms of robotic locomotion. Yet another example is the STAR, a 3D-printed robot modeled after an insect's ability to squeeze into even the tiniest spaces. Developed by students at UC Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab the STAR, which stands for Sprawl Tuned Autonomous Robot, is able to flatten its legs down to slip under a small gap and then raise them up again to climb over larger obstacles.

Já que Raspberry quer dizer Groselha, porque não fazer uma Groselha para o Raspberry Pi?
E zás, já está feito, e figura na Tinkercad:

Very Berry Pi-Case 3000


Time to unleash your inner-geek and make a tangy very berry Raspberry Pi case - say that ten times fast!
For parts... you're going to need a couple of items to finish the build.

Há Engenhocas de toda a espécie, e se quizerem fazer uma Máquina-Ferramenta assim mais pró grande, ou lá o que seja que construam, em que queiram ficar certos de que as conexões eléctricas estarão MESMO seguras, deitem os olhos nesta maravilha, dica da Designspark:

Power Triple Lock - TE Connectivity


TE Connectivity’s new POWER TRIPLE LOCK (PTL) connector solution directly responds to the appliance industry’s desire for increased reliability and functionality, security and ease of use.

TE Connectivity has introduced the POWER TRIPLE LOCK connector solution to address the appliance industry’s needs and concerns. As its name suggests, the PTL has three integral mechanisms to ensure reliable connections. Additionally, several features designed into the connector family offer significant benefits compared to more traditional connectors.
Improving upon current designs, the POWER TRIPLE LOCK’s built-in latching capability comes from reducing two latches to a single, robust latch that makes it easier to connect and improves connector reliability. The optional connector position assurance (CPA) device helps insure full mating of the connector and keeps the connector mated during shipment, installation or when the appliance is in use.

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