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quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

Uma Impressora 3D de Alta definição, e Open Source, um Robot-Peixe, um Tricóptero barato, e um Manual Grátis

Eis uma Impressora 3D de Alta Definição, que vocês podem construír em casa!
É preciso dizer mais?

DIY high resolution 3D DLP printer (3D printer)


I have to admit that I have not been active on Instructables for quite a while now, this because we (yes it is we now :D) have been busy developing a 3D printer. A 3D dlp printer to be exact, an open source high resolution 3D DLP printer to be even more exact.
We have now finished version 1.0 and now it is time to share our learnings with the rest of the world.

Why did we work on a 3D printer?
Well as you all know the world needs more 3D printers, more platforms for creation, more freedom. More possible ways to show your epic awesomeness in creation. And most of all the freedom to design and fabricate exactly what you need, when you need it without any barriers. In short 3D printers are awesome, you can never have enough 3D printers.

Podem apreciar este Peixe-Robot, um projecto didáctico, e económico, um auxiliar para Aulas de Tecnologia e Biologia, para Alunos dos 10 aos 18 anos:

Naro-nanin educational robot fish takes a dip

Jason Falconer

A new breed of robot fish that is both relatively inexpensive and highly customizable is teaching students between the ages of 10 and 18 about technology and biology. It's the latest in a line of biologically-inspired underwater robots developed within the naro (nautical robots) project at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), which has previously developed robots based on tuna fish and sea turtles.

Para principiarem a construír 'Ópteros, que tal este Projecto simples e barato dum Tricóptero?

Inexpensive Wooden Tri-copter!


Build an inexpensive multi-rotor Tri-Copter using wood, zip ties, and 8 screws!

I am using this tri-copter to test servo controllers. There were a few challenges to getting this off the ground and hopefully this helps others with a really cool project, enjoy!

This is a spin off of another one of my projects currently on Kickstarter, check it out also if you get a chance: or search for Blue-Rx.


E a Draftsight oferece-vos este Manual, para não perderem a paciência, tentando aprender a usar este programa magnífico, também grátis:

GettingGetting Started with DraftSight 

We would like to invite you to download the no-cost DraftSight Getting Started Guide. For beginners and experienced CAD users alike, the guide has more than 180 pages of fundamental skills necessary for the efficient use of DraftSight.

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