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segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

Novidades a cores, Maker Faire, Visão Nocturna, Desktop Gremlins... Etc!

A Mindsets tem novidades...
Começando por estas tintas que se portam como Pelicula fotográfica, mas sem os produtos químicos, e podem ser aplicadass em Tecido e Papel:

Designed for use on fabrics and can be applied simply by using a paint brush – as well as techniques such as screen printing.
Once the Inkodye has dried, it is exposed to natural light or UV through any type of mask. This might be anything from a simple silhouette (e.g., found object such as leaf) to a true photographic negative. In all cases, the results are guaranteed to be stunning and rapid - depending on the brightness of the light.
During exposure, the Inkodye changes from clear to one of three colours - depending on choice.

Algo para brilhar no escuro, ou fazer Arte Efémera...

A flexible self-adhesive plastic film that glows brightly in the dark after being subjected to sunlight or UV from another source.

Can easily be cut by hand and stuck to a wide range of materials.

Sheet sizes available:
• 500 x 350mm
• 250 x 350mm.

Shown here with the UV Energizer Pen, available separately.

E estes Pigmentos, que ganham vida com a luz do Sol:

These pigments normally have a pale, off-white appearance but in sunlight or UV light they instantly change to a bright, vivid colour.
The pigments revert to their pale colour when away from sunlight or UV light.
The active photochromic dye is contained in micron-size microcapsules dispersed in water to make up the pigment, which has the consistency of thick cream.
If the pigment is mixed with a binder such as our acrylic base, it can be permanently applied to almost any surface.

E para acabar, esta caneta de Luz Ultra Violeta, para esperiências sem fim... E para controlar Notas de Banco! LOL

Not getting the sunshine you were hoping for?
Cheat with the Portable UV energiser pen.

The pen has an anodised aluminium body. It is battery powered and is operated with a toggle switch.
Great for UV investigations and experimentation. See Glow in the Dark Film above for sample use.

Requires 1 x 9V PP3 battery.

Vão lá ver!

Engenhocas a divertirem-se à brava, eis o que podem ver neste Link sobre a Maker Faire, impecável!

Maker Faire 2013 Slide Show! 

Every year that I attend Maker Faire in San Mateo, I am more and more impressed at the caliber of talent in this community of makers. I am so grateful to be immersed in so much creativity and excellence. This year was certainly no exception. I had the opportunity to talk with many of the exhibiting Makers and am excited to see how the Maker Movement continues to grow as technology becomes more accessible, and innovation happens faster. Here is a small sampling of the photos I took at this year's Faire - It starts at the Instructables booth and Skee-Ball machines, and tours the rest of the faire! Enjoy! 


Está-se a acabar o prazo em que podem compar o Livro dos Desktop Gremlins, do nosso amigo David Landiss!
Eis o que se passa, nas suas prórpias palavras:

Dear Loyal Followers:

Sorry I have been so quiet of late, but I have been furiously working on the book, Desktop Gremlins Volume 1. I am scheduled to deliver the book to the printer on Monday, May 27th and it be finished soon after!

I am extraordinarily excited about how the book and collectible rewards are turning out and I can't wait to UNLEASH this menagerie of wonder into the world!

If you have NOT pre-ordered the book, this is your LAST CHANCE to grab exclusive collectable reward-tier items.

These Kickstarter campaign items will never be offered again!
  • Collectible bookmarks featuring The Octopus, Sparky, Zixie!
  • Pro-printed one-sheet MYSTERY Desktop Gremlin (What could it be??!)
  • Screen-printed OCTO-LOVE t-shirt (So much to love here!)
  • Hand-drawn / signed sketch of the character that started it all!
Pre-order the book before midnight EST on May 22nd to grab these goodies while you still can!  

Os vossos próprios Óculos de Visão Nocturna!
Para Segurança, para observarem Animais Noctívagos, ou para se armarem em ainda mais Geeks...
Mãos à Obra!!!

DIY Infrared Night Vision Device 

I've been involved with airsoft for about two years being affiliated with a large local group of people in our community who meet regularly and have scheduled games, ops, and events. Airsoft is a great sport and hobby that encourages teamwork, honor, respect, communication, and discipline (as well as how to wisely make purchases). I recently played a game at night and realized how cool it would be if I could utilize some form of night vision. The more I researched it, the more I wanted to see in the dark somehow.

Unfortunately, true night vision in even the lowest quality can cost hundreds of dollars just for the optic alone, excluding hardware necessary to mount the optic to a helmet or airsoft rifle. It's expensive technology. However, there are alternative methods for seeing in the dark. There are several versions of educational night vision viewers and toy spy binoculars available on the market for kids, geeks like me. They utilize low-lux cameras, infrared illumination, and a display for a more affordable $50-$80 system that can still see in the dark. This is the system I chose to utilize.

Não se arranjam melhores Posts que este, nem melhores Notícias sobre Instructables que esta, a seguir, muito fácilmente...

Estes gandas Engenhocas da Sugru, sem o saberem, adicionaram mais uma Dimensão à Fabricação!!!

Se se fizerem MOLDES para serem feitos em Impressão 3D, isto aumenta, exponencialmente, a capacidade fabriqueira dum Geek!


Por isso, junta-se esta Técnica deles, a uma ideia da Mindsets, em que se faz Injecção de plástico, pelo Método da bela da Pistola de Cola, e ZÁS! 

Sugru, Plástico, tudo o que possa ser Moldado, pode ser feito, REPETIDAS VEZES, e num espaço de Tempo mínimo!
AHHH... Isto vai dar que falar...

3D printing + sugru = precision rubber parts! (iPhone 4/4S and 5) + video 

The mold and process is not perfect but was developed to demonstrate the potential for using sugru in desktop manufacturing and would love to hear your suggestions.

All the files are open source and free to download from Thingiverse.

You can also order your mold directly from Shapeways.

Get your maker mits on sugru here :)

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