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quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2013

Handibot, CNC nas Obras! E mandem vir a Londres, um Disco cortado a Laser, e uma Impressora 3D para grandes Objectos

Isto é inesperado, mas uma muito boa notícia...
Poderão em breve, fazer as Obras lá de casa, com esta máquina CNC, que é uma maravilha, e com cada vez mais aplicações!

Dica do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, que está bastante satisfeito com a Fresa ShopBot que já tem, este novo produto da ShopBot, é uma máquina programável para executar várias tarefas de Fresa e Corte, em todo o lado:

ShopBot introduces the smart power tool Handibot 

What is it?
Brains & Brawn
  • The Handibot smart power tool is a portable, hand-held robotic power tool
  • App-Driven, one-button “Start” for jobsite tasks and workshop projects; run it from your smartphone or tablet
  • Powerful AND compact for precision cutting, drilling, machining, and carving
  • Behind the scenes: full-up CNC for real work and uncompromised basics for open development and expansion of functionality (6-axis control, I/O, power, configurability)
  • Endlessly useful for home builders, product developers, small manufacturers, makers, inventors, architects, students

Para um trabalho de corte, por cliente, a Razorlab, até ao fim deste Mês, fornece-vos o trabalho, sem despesas de envio, por isso, aproveitem: 

Summer is on it's way,  FREE SHIPPING through May!
The sun has finally come out of hiding, and we think it's safe to start planning your Summer...and that means time for a new project!

To help you get your new idea off the ground we are giving you FREE SHIPPING on all orders until the end of May. Use coupon code: PGTSGM at the checkout to redeem*.

Whether it's a summer craft sale you are preparing for, or you just want to get that electronics project you've been working on all winter well and truly finished in time for your holiday, we know you'll make good use of the offer!


Podem agora publicar os vossos Discos Audio, por Corte Laser, este Instructable ensina-vos como:

Laser Cut Record (version) 

Just last weekend, amandaghassaei published her Laser Cut Record. The work is more than great with a tons of experimentations and descriptions! However, thorough these days, we also prepared to publish our version of Laser Cut Record with prior acoustic information as a part of our "cutting record - a record without (or with) prior acoustic information" project at IAMAS. To be honest, the work is still in its experimental stage and very close to amandaghassaei's work. But we decide to publish it to stimulate the scene (Hope it exists!) and further investigations with a lot of common points and a few differences especially in our codes. Here is our version.


E para grandes Objectos nas vossas Oficinas, esta Impressora 3D oferece-vos o maior volume disponível, numa Impressora 3D caseira.
E imprime em vários Materiais, como Madeira (fibra), Poliestireno, ABS, PVA, PLA, Nylon, Policarbonato, etc!

LulzBot TAZ claims largest build area for desktop 3D printers

Jonathan Fincher

If you're in the market for a 3D printer, there are plenty of qualities to weigh. Price, ease of use, size, and print resolution are all factors that could influence the types of objects you're able to create. If you want a printer that fits on your desk and can print objects the size of a basketball though, you may want to consider the latest model from Aleph Objects, Inc. The LulzBot TAZ 3D printer boasts an open source hardware approach in design and claims to have the largest print volume for desktop printers in its price range.

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