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segunda-feira, 4 de março de 2013

Holdfast, Dragon, Nanoscribe, e o Robofold!

Do nosso amigo Scotttland, um Instructable fenomenal.
Paradoxalmente, este Antepassado do Torno pode vir a ser muito útil para os Fabbers:

Ye Olde Holdfast
Before steel vises, before iron clamps, and before the industrial revolution, before even the fall of Rome, there were holdfasts; innocuous bent iron bars with the potential to hold a workpiece firmly in place while a craftsperson goes to town on it.  The holdfast holds a few advantages over modern work-holding tools.  It drops into a hole in the top of a bench, giving it an extended reach across the bench top and a 360 degree range of direction.  Application is a simple drop and a tap with a mallet, giving it an instant grip.  No manual tightening.  Release is a simple strike in the back.  And a holdfast keeps a low profile; some will lay nearly flat across a workpiece and won't interfere with planing or routing.  

Imagens do agrado de qualquer Engenhocas, a Dragon atraca na Estação Espacial International, apesar de com um dia de atraso, eis um autêntico Vagão de Carga do Espaço, não-tripulado, que vai ajudar em muito a Estação, e a Exploração comercial do Espaço:

Dragon docks with ISS a day late

David Szondy

Today at 8:56 AM EST (13:56 GMT), the Spacex Dragon CRS-2 mission berthed with the International Space Station (ISS). The unmanned cargo ship was captured using the station’s robotic arm at 5:31 AM EST (10:31 GMT) by ISS Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford and Tom Mashburn of NASA before being secured to the Earth-facing port of the station’s Harmony module.

Se precisarem duma Impressora 3D para trabalhos MESMO minúsculos, já está à venda, para quem queira, esta Impressora, uma Micro e Nano-Impressora 3D:

Nanoscribe claims world’s fastest commercially available nano-3D printer title

Leon Gettler

Shoes, robots, houses and prosthetic hands, 3D printing has already gone well beyond the bounds of model making, and biotechnology is another of the new frontiers where the technology is set to make a huge impact. Nanoscribe GmbH, a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is pushing the boundaries of this space with the release of what's claimed to be the world’s fastest and highest resolution commercially available 3D printer of micro- and nanostructures – the Photonic Professional GT.

E agora, eis algo, dica da página Facebook da FabLab EDP.
Isto está mesmo à espera duma versão Desktop, Robofold, um Método de dobrar Chapa CNC que promete dar novos horizontes ao Fabbing!
Pois podem desenhar e vender os vossos Projectos no Site...
Ou até, comprar os Robots que dobram Chapa, e iniciar, ou expandir, o vosso Negócio!
É bom!

RoboFold Webstore.

Artworks, furniture, lighting, surfaces and structures.
Made using the RoboFold process and hand-folding.

All works are in lightly brushed anodised aluminium. Prices include VAT and Shipping.
Each product has a development "Status":
Available: The product is ready to buy.
Kick Start: Become a backer of new products. First editions are limited, so pre-order to ensure you get priority.
Remix: Download our software and re-design pre-existing designs. Upload via the Production page.
Co-Develop: RoboFold works with you to create a design that suits your requirements.

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