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terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

Câmara Digital Arduino, Osciloiscópio USB 3.0, Ar Puro, e Velas Dinamite!

Ora cá vai mais disto, esta, é dica do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, uma bacana duma Máquina Fotográfica Digital com Cartão, e um Arduino!

Craft Camera

Craft Camera is a simplified D.I.Y digital camera.
It is established of a carboard case and an electronic system runned by Arduino.
All the elements are Open Source, allowing users to master the use and the life expectancy, or to build it as Do It Yourself.
The simplification of the device allows to privilege the spontaneity in the recording. Photos are stored in a memory card, and can be displayed on the computer.
Craft Camera is under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA v3.0. 

E uma dica da DesignSpark, agora, que há a Ligação USB 3.0, com maior rapidez de transferência de dados, podem ter um Osciloscópio em casa, se tiverem esta maquineta, e um Computador!
É bom!

Pico Technology launch a range of USB 3.0 PC Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology

The first PC oscilloscopes with a USB 3.0 interface have been released by Pico Technology.
“USB 3.0 ports are appearing on most new computers and laptops,” explained Managing Director Alan Tong, “so buyers of USB oscilloscopes will expect to benefit from the higher data transfer rate. With the new USB 3.0 PicoScopes, large data captures and streaming of large data sets are now much faster.”
The PicoScope 3207A is a 2 channel USB oscilloscope with 250 MHz bandwidth, 1 GS/s sampling rate, 256 MS buffer memory and a built-in function generator. Basic timebase accuracy is ±2 ppm. Other features include digital triggering for accurate, stable waveform display, and equivalent-time sampling, which boosts the effective sampling rate to 10 GS/s for repetitive signals. The PicoScope 3207B has 512 MS buffer memory and an additional 32k-sample arbitrary waveform generator with 100 MS/s update rate. As the scope obtains its power from the USB port, there is no need for an external power adaptor.

Boas notícias para quem quer um ar mais puro, este Aircide purifia o ar, sem Ozono, e sem nada a limpar:

NASA-developed Airocide tech cleans household air

Some time ago, astronauts on the International Space Station needed a way to eliminate the ethylene gas that was being produced by plants growing aboard the station. NASA collaborated with the University of Wisconsin, and the result was an air-purifying system known as Airocide. Flash forward to the present, and that technology has been licensed for use in a household product that reportedly eliminates all sorts of airborne nasties.
Airocide purifiers have actually been in use in places such as grocery stores and food-packing plants since 1998, and were introduced to medical settings such as hospitals in 2003. Now they're finding their way into the home for the first time.


E uma ideia explosiva, estas Velas-Dinamite, da nossa Amiga BrittLiv, para Inventores, Engenhocas, e gente em geral, com um sentido de Humor bem particular...

Dynamite Candle Holder

n this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a candle holder for tealights, that looks like a dynamite stick.

Just in case you are wondering, dynamite and TNT are not the same thing. It's a common misconception, that is just plain wrong. Dynamite was invented in 1867 by the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, while TNT was invented in 1863 by the German chemist Joseph Wilbrand. Whilst Dynamite is simply nitroglycerin in a more convenient form, TNT is Trinitrotoluene, so the two are two totally different chemical compounds. The stuff formed into short sticks and wrapped in paper is actually dynamit, not TNT... From now on should somebody sing "Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite" or should you see a TNT stick shown in a cartoon, you will know better.

Now that I got that off my chest ;-) let's go back to the project. The idea is not new, I've seen a "TNT" candle as part of the Red Dead Redemption merchandise and after searching a bit I found a version very similar to the one I had in mind at Meninos. What bothered me about it though, other than of course it saying "TNT" on it was the shiny finish. So I decided to make my own version.

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