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quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Crazyflie! E uma Bancada à Francesa, Aventuras Antárticas, e uma Bica do Microondas!!!

O Crazyflie é um Quadracóptero com Futuro...
Especialmente, porque podem-lhe adicionar o que quizerem!

Crazyflie is one crazy-tiny quadrotor

Paul Ridden

A nippy new quadrocopter named Crazyflie has just been made available for pre-order by Sweden's Bitcraze. Unlike other pint-sized fliers like the (yet to be released) NanoQ and MeCam, this impressive-looking critter won't arrive in one piece and all ready to fly. Instead, Crazyflie is being made available as a self-build quadrocopter development and hacking kit.
The original Crazyflie project seeds were sown while Tobias Antonsson, Arnaud Taffanel and Marcus Eliasson were working for Swedish consultancy Epsilon. After a successful video outing for the first prototype on Hack a Day, Bitcraze was born to bring the tiny quadrocopter development kit to market.


Apesar do nome manhoso, Francesices, este Torno de bancada é uma pequena Obra de Arte Francesa, que muitos vão apreciar...
Mas atenção, tem de ser feito comme il faut!

Roubo-Style Workbench 
This is going to be less of a step-by-step tutorial and more a series of tips and a review of what I learned making my workbench.
  After examining many, many workbench designs and almost settling on a German-style bench, I came across the 17th century French-style workbench of Andre Roubo.  This design seemed to have surpassing versatility and an aesthetic superiority to every other design.  In the construction process I learned of the trade-off between functionality, design, and ease of construction.  I have made awkward-looking workbenches in one day which function perfectly.  I've also made beautiful tables quickly and easily which are only useful as buffet tables.  To make this workbench functional and attractive required that every surface be planed properly, and every corner be a perfect 90 degrees


Eis uma Maravilha da Tecnologia, e um espectáculo, ao mesmo tempo!
Uma Base Científica na Antártida, ora aí está uma boa ideia para um Filme de jeito, em vez das palhaçadas CGI que vemos aparecer a toda a hora...

Halley VI Antarctic research station opens for business

Adam Williams

Just over a century after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expedition came to a tragic close, Britain’s latest and greatest Antarctic Research Station has opened and will become fully operational over the coming weeks. The £25.8 million (US$40.6 million) facility was designed by Hugh Broughton Architects and engineering firm AECOM, and represents a continued commitment from the UK's scientific community to maintain a cutting-edge facility in the region.


E para que sejam realmente Nardos, ou se trabalham num sítio sem Cafés, eis uma maneira de fazerem as vossas Bicas, ou Expressos, no Micro-Ondas...
Mas têem de contribuír para a ideia, encomendando a vossa máquina, isto é um projecto de Crowd-Funding, do novo Site, Startnext:

Piamo single-serve espresso maker for microwaves

Bridget Borgobello

Christoph Meyl was faced with a dilemma that many espresso-lovers would relate to. His office was too far from the nearest café, the communal kitchen was shared with 600 other employees and there was no coffee machine, just a microwave. All Christoph wanted was to enjoy a good coffee at work, so with the help of brother Hendrik he invented a solution – the Piamo single-serve espresso maker. 

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