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quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

Prusa i3! Mais, RhinoNEST, Cera de Maquinação, um Mod Player, um Espelho para Brocas, e Visão Nocturna!

Dica da Vectorealism, a Impressora 3D RepRap Prusa já tem uma versão nova, e podem ir buscar os Planos grátis, aqui:

RepRap Prusa i3
Questo file contiene tutti gli elementi strutturali da tagliare al laser per costruire una stampante 3D Prusa i3. Il file è pronto per essere prodotto o con 1 lastraformato P2 di compensato di pioppo spessore 10mm (costo 20€) oppure con 1 lastra formato P2 di plexiglas trasparente spessore 10mm (costo 87€).

Outra dica, esta, do nosso amigo, Affonso Orciuoli, da Digi-FabUSP, para levarem os vossos Projectos em 3D, para a Cortadora Laser, têem a RhinoNEST, e eis um Vídeo demonstrando o Programa:

Rhino 3D - RhinoNEST 

Nesting a simple part with RhinoNEST.



Eis um Instructable que vai agradar a todos, como fazer aquela Cera de Maquinação que vos permite usar as vossas Fresas CNC para testarem as vossas ideias, antes de começarem a gastar Material bem mais caro...
Mas quando chegar a minha Dremel Trio, acho que vou fazer umas peças assim, mesmo sem CNC!


How to make Machinable Wax at home!
Featured on!  Woohoo!  But for records sake, my name is Jake:
A major issue that I ran into when I first started working with my new CNC machine was the cost of raw materials to machine. Sure, a block of plastic is not terribly expensive by itself – but figure in the cost after you mess something up and the cost becomes quite unreasonable. For this reason, I began looking into machinable wax.

Machinable wax is a very hard wax that won’t gum up a cutting tool, is soft enough to machine quickly and most importantly is completely reusable! Since I am cheap, I decided to make my own, which is actually quite simple and could be considered environmentally friendly since we use recycled plastic bags. Be aware that this Instructable is DANGEROUS! We will be melting wax around 300* and this wax will be thick and sticky so it will literally burn your skin off faster than you can say “OUCH!”

Ainda me lembro do Commodore Amiga, e das Músicas que se faziam, com o OctaMed, e outros, no Formato Mod...
Pois eis uma Raspberry  Pi que se teansforma num Toca-Mods:
Portable native MOD player based on Raspberry PI (plays MOD,S3M,IT,XM etc...). Uses BassPlay library. 

Raspberry-PI based native MOD player to play music modules MOD,S3M,IT,XM among others.
It uses command-line player based on bass-play libraries.

Short description of music modules:

Music modules originates from Amiga computers, later were transferred to another platforms.
The main principe is the file containing sound samples and patterns containing information of when and how particular sound should be played.
As there are players for Windows, Linux and other platforms nowadays, portable players can play just mp3 files which was my motivation to construct this player.

Para que façam furos a 90º, mesmo, eis um Espelho Duplo que vos permite acertar o furo, para não terem o furo a direito, visto de frente, mas inclinado, visto de lado!

Double Mirror Right Angle Drilling Guide 
Drilling a straight hole can be difficult because you can only see one side of the bit at a time.  Without a lot of practice, many of the holes end up perpendicular in one plane and not so perpendicular in the other.  Drilling with a conventional guide (2 blocks at 90°) works in some applications, but when using short bits there's not enough room.  This is quick, cheap & easy drilling guide will help you bore accurate holes even with small bits.  Using two small mirrors, it works similar to a dressing room mirror to help you view the bit from all angles.  When all the bits are parallel, start drilling.  It's that easy.  


E para acabar, por hoje, eis um Periscópio Steampunk, de Visão Nocturna! 

Working Night-vision Periscope. (Steampunked) 
This is a project I made while on Holiday for Christmas, it took about 20 hours and was cheep if you can find the supplies at a second hand store.
It is fully functional and works with infra-red quite well, the iris lens cover was a left over from a pair of goggles that were never finished their construction is much the same as found in my steampunk goggle instructable.

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