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segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012

Ajuda para os Bombeiros, Comsol, o Instituto DaVinci, Mindsets... E o Brasil voa alto!

Isto salvaria muitas vidas, em Portugal, por esses montes fora, onde ninguém consegue chegar, muito menos um Veículo normal... 
E com tanta Empresa a fechar, bem que se podia licenciar e fabricar, cá mesmo!

Thermite fire-fighting robot removes firefighters from harm's way

David Szondy

Howe and Howe Technologies of Waterboro, Maine, has unveiled the firefighter of tomorrow called the Thermite RS1-T2. Based on technology developed for the U.S. Army, this squat little modular robot on tank treads is a small, powerful fire fighting machine that provides crews with a means for remote reconnaissance and fighting fires in hazardous areas safely.

The Thermite is designed to be used in areas of extreme hazard, such as aircraft fires, refineries, chemical plants or nuclear reactors. In fact, brothers Mike and Geoff Howe, who founded Howe and Howe, used the Fukushima nuclear disaster as an example of the kind of location where the Thermite is intended to be used. Not only is it preferable to risk a robot instead of a person, the Thermite is also immune to smoke, fumes and fatigue – the last of which is a major cause of death in firefighters by heart attack.

Comsol é um Programa bacano, e está cada vez melhor... Com as suas ferramentas de Simulação, poupa imenso tempo e dinheiro com Pré-Protóipos, o que é uma benção para os Inventores!

COMSOL 4.3a Release Highlights

COMSOL Multiphysics Version 4.3a brings powerful new simulation tools for designing and optimizing the next generation of technology innovations. 

Major news in Version 4.3a 

LiveLink™ for Excel®
Run COMSOL simulations from Microsoft Excel.
Fatigue Module Mechanical fatigue based on stress or strain evaluations.
ECAD Import Module Import of ECAD layouts with new functionality for easy filtering of cells, nets, and layers.
LiveLink™ for Solid Edge® Bidirectional associativity with Solid Edge.
Cloud Computing Cloud computing with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (Amazon EC2™).
Parameter Optimization Optimize your design based on geometry model dimensions.
Efficient CFD Solvers Optimized solvers for flow simulations.
Fast multicore and cluster computing Accelerated parallel computing for all users.

E enquanto cá, se desprezam os Inventores, e se deixou morrer a APC, na América, diz-se "Inventors are the lifeblood of our country and economy". 
Assim é que é!
Cá, em Portugal, são só umas Tiradas Bacocas sobre "a Inovação"...
Vejam só o que é uma Cultura com Sentido Prático:

2012 DaVinci Inventor Showcase 

Inventors are the lifeblood of our country and economy. The strength of our nation has been due in large part to the ingenuity of inventors. They use their hands to fashion the components, their minds to create function and strategy, and their hearts to feed the passion that drives their work forward.
In tough economic times, inventors bring hope and inspiration to everyone they touch and have the potential to bring exciting new jobs along with them.The inventions being unveiled at this event are a powerful force. In fact, our future is being created inside the minds of these inventors. They live a life of passion and dreams, driven by a desire to make our world a better place.
The 8th annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase is a rare opportunity to meet inventors, feel the intensity of their spirit, touch their creations, and experience the transformation as they step us from the here and now to a better tomorrow.

Mindsets é fenomenal.
À vossa disposição, Kits Didácticos impecáveis, e uma Fonte de Alimentação ajustável que dá para tudo, 200W, Muáháháhá!

Solar Concept Vehicle 
This amazing solar-powered model has been designed for Mindsets by product designer Neal Turner - whose work took centre stage at the 2012 international Kinetica exhibition. Neal has designed a concept vehicle, of which this is the working model, to demonstrate that wheels can function using rim bearings rather than a conventional bearing at the centre (hubless wheel). The model itself was originally conceived as an executive toy, but we think the styling can provide design inspiration for pupils and, at the same time, illustrate the creative potential of the laser cutter. Powered by a single solar cell, the beautifully engineered and detailed vehicle comes as a kit of parts that can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes. The model is powered by a single solar cell that stores energy in a supercapacitor. When the capacitor is charged, it is simply switched over to drive the motor.

200W Adjustable Power Supply
A regulated 5~15V power supply with current limiting from 0~15A. With an LCD readout showing the voltage and current supplied, it can also be used to charge Lead Acid batteries.

• Input Voltage: 220~240V AC
• Output Voltage: 5~15V DC Regulated
• Current Rating: 0~15 Amps
• Output Connections: 4mm Sockets / Clamp

E o Brasil voa alto... A terceira maior Fabricante de Aviões Comerciais é a bem Brasileira Embraer!
E criaram emprego em Portugal!
Toma e embrulha!
Com estes nossos Irmãos, é que estamos bem, a CEE, dá cá o pé, é só tangas.

Com tecnologia de ponta, Embraer é o orgulho da indústria brasileira

Empresa brasileira é a terceira maior fabricante de aeronaves comerciais e é apontada por especialistas como líder tecnológica no segmento até 120 passageiros.
A recente abertura de duas fábricas da Embraer na cidade de Évora, no sul de Portugal, deverá resultar na criação de 600 empregos diretos e 1.200 indiretos. O investimento total da empresa brasileira é de 177 milhões de euros.
Com as novas fábricas, Évora deverá se tornar uma referência internacional em tecnologia aeronáutica de ponta, avalia o jornalista especializado Jens Flottau. Ele lembra que a Embraer é uma referência mundial no setor. O novo modelo militar KC-390 deverá ser, ao menos em parte, construído nas novas instalações em Évora.,,16270413,00.html

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