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quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Papel couraçado, Zootrópio... Em Papel, Razorlabs, e uma Espingarda Gauss

Onde é que havíamos de imaginar, uma Couraça... Em Papel?
Pois cá está ela, e é mais forte que a Fibra de Carbonno, ou o Kevlar!!!
Obra dos Serviços Florestais dos Estados Unidos, (!), vai revolucionar uma data de Indústrias, digo-vos eu...
Pois não é que este Material, ainda por cima é TRANSPARENTE?

Wood pulp extract stronger than carbon fiber or Kevlar

By Brian Dodson

The Forest Products Laboratory of the US Forest Service has opened a US$1.7 million pilot plant for the production of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) from wood by-products materials such as wood chips and sawdust. Prepared properly, CNCs are stronger and stiffer than Kevlar or carbon fibers, so that putting CNC into composite materials results in high strength, low weight products. In addition, the cost of CNCs is less than ten percent of the cost of Kevlar fiber or carbon fiber. These qualities have attracted the interest of the military for use in lightweight armor and ballistic glass (CNCs are transparent), as well as companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer products, and medical industries.

Em Papel, mas do tradicional, da espécie da Cartolina, uma Peça de Museu da Tecnologia que vocês podem construír e ter em casa, este excelente Zoótropo do nosso amigo Rob Ives, está porreiro: 

Zoetrope - come and get it!
Wed 5th Sep 2012
The zoetrope is a clever mechanism used to display animations. Popular in Victorian times the zoetrope has stood the test of time and is now available to download and make in cardboard form!

Turn the handle and the cylinder, with interchangeable picture strips, spins displaying an animated scene.
Members can download the files for free at the link above. non-members can download it for only £2.50. Print out the parts onto thin card. Note that there is a coloured version and non-coloured version in the file.

Já está um Artigo meu publicado na Razorlabs, por isso, deixem-me exibi-lo...

New BusStopper! September 5th, 2012

Time to welcome our first Guest Blogger, Edgar Castelo. His post below introduces one of his new inventions, enjoy!

Segments pop up, they appear, pop down, they disappear.
Couldn’t be simpler!
Cut the 3 Digits drawing, Bus2 02, on a thick material, and print the segments template, Bus2 01, on Cardboard, bending over the grey lines, and the middle of the black part. Rivet the holes, you got a Bus Stopper!
Get the plans, here:
Thanks to Edgar for contributing to our blog. If you would like to do the same, see our post on how here and get in touch.

Apreciado no Estrangeiro, ignorado em Portugal... Se calhar, até é melhor assim! LOL

Uma nova Espingarda Gauss, claro que isto é uma espécie de Brinquedo... Ou quase! 
Obra do Cyberpunk Alemão Patrick Priebe, prova-nos que se alguma "autoridade" diz que algo "é impossível", estamos a alguns meses de ver esse "impossível" nas lojas!

Gamers may get a charge out of the Gauss Rifle

By Ben Coxworth

Well, Patrick Priebe might have outdone himself with this one. In the past, the German cyberpunk weapons-maker has brought us such creations as a wrist-mounted mini-crossbow, a laser-sighted rotary-saw-blade-shooting crossbow, and a flame-throwing glove. His latest nasty futuristic device? A video game-inspired electromagnetic weapon, called the Gauss Rifle.
Priebe told us that he took his inspiration from the K-Volt weapon, featured in the game Crysis 2. While he liked the look of the game’s version of the gun in first-person view, he wasn’t as keen on how it looked when placed on the ground ... so, he made his own version.
The 400-volt semi-automatic Gauss Rifle is what’s known as a multistage coilgun. It shoots 5.7-mm steel ammunition, from a built-in 8-slug clip. Priebe did his best to explain to us non-weapons-makers just how that ammo is fired.

E para acabar em beleza, por hoje, que tal este Vídeo, bem espectacular, sobre Impressão 3D, da Shapeways?
Sentem-se bem, e... APRECIEM!

3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity
Every day at Shapeways, thousands of people make their ideas real with 3D printing, and as a result, the Shapeways community is igniting a culture of creativity. So we're thrilled to launch a series of films about 3D printing and how this incredible technology is changing all of our lives.

This first video provides an inside look into the Shapeways vision, community, and 3D printing magic. If you're inspired, help ignite the culture of creativity and share the film!

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