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sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Inventores Portugueses, olé, olé!

Elas são a AJP Motos, com Renome Internacional, eles inventaram um novo Sistema de Distribuição, e não têem vergonha, como tantos Tótós têem vergonha, de dizer que INVENTARAM!

AJP Motos 
We are very pleased to announce that we recently apply for a provisional application for patent (PAT.PEND. PT106505) for a new DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM FOR A 4 STROKE ENGINE which we hope will allow a “small revolution” in the architecture of the cylinder head and considerable efficiency gains in the operation of 4-stroke engines. This invention will enable the control of the movement of the valves and the use of intake and exhaust springs with constant force / displacement lower than the traditional systems and the replacement of the dual camshaft. This technical advance results from the permanent commitment of AJP to develop new solutions which, when incorporated in the bikes that we produce, allow us to offer distinctive and technically advanced products. We will give here more news about this new system that, once the testing phase is completed, we hope to incorporate in the engines of our bikes. é mais um Site cheio de coisas boas...
Ímanes, Material didáctico, e estes dois Catrapázios que servirão para um sem-fim de Diversão e despertar de talentos:

Air Amplifier / Air Multiplier - £76.58
Air Amplifiers utilize the coanda effect, a basic principle of fluidics, to create air motion in their surroundings. Air amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate

Vortex Tube - £109.99 
Vortex tubes are a type of heat pump. They have one inlet and two outlets. Compressed air is pumped into the inlet, where it is spun at high speed causing it to split into two streams, one stream giving kinetic energy to the other. The result is one outlet has hot air while the other is considerably colder

Improvisar é mesmo assim, notícia da Ponoko, não é que um Spray de LACA melhora e muito a Impressão 3D?


Improving 3D print adhesion with hairspray(!) 

Thingiverse user phineasjw had problems with his 3D prints not fully sticking to his MakerBot’s build platform. Then he noticed a can of hairspray… This is such an offbeat solution to a common hobbyist 3D printing problem that I just had to write about it. Making sure that the first layer of a print sticks to the platform is key to producing a high-quality object. If it doesn’t stick right, the edges can warp, or the entire object can come loose before the print is complete. With that in mind, phineasjw’s solution was to spray a light mist of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold over his build platform’s kapton tape. Since doing so, he and other brave Thingiverse users say that they’ve had excellent results with their prints!

E não me canso de divulgar Programas Grátis que servem como os profissionais, como este, o Zint Barcode Studio:  

Free Open Source Barcode & QR Code Generator

Zint Barcode Studio is a free utility developed by Robin Stuart, it allows to generate over 50 kinds of symbologies including QR Code, Code 128, International Standard Book Number( ISBN ), etc.

Com este Programa, até fiz um Código QR com o Link para a Página do Facebook da AJP, porque é importante que imprimam isto por aí:

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