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segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012


Começamos por um Instructable para Amigos-da-Onça, uma partida de mau-gosto, vidro de carro partido, postiço!
Bem sacaninha, hem?

Make Your Own Safety Glass and Other SHENANIGANS


You know how car windows don't shatter like normal glass windows? When they get smashed, they sag like fabric. What kind of sorcery is this? It's safety glass, and it's AWESOME!

Safety glass is made by laminating two pieces of glass together with a sheet of plastic in the middle. You heat up this little sandwich and press everything together, and the plastic melts and sticks to the glass. Once everything cools down, it looks just like a normal piece of glass, but if you smash it, the plastic holds everything together. The glass is now a composite, and it's notably stiffer than a single sheet.

As it turns out, it's really easy to make this yourself using just a bit of plastic, binder clips and a toaster oven. And once you can laminate glass, life just gets better and better.

Ready?  Go!

Ao mesmo tempo uma maneira barata de fazer Bio-luminiscência, e testar a pureza das àguas!

Bioluminescent Bacterial Lightbulb / Water Pollution Tester


Bioluminescent Bacterial Lightbulb

This instructable will show you how to grow and culture your own glowing bacteria and use it to reinvent the light bulb!

I"ll show you how to grow your very own Vibrio phosphoreum or Vibrio fischeri from fresh sea fish (squid work well) and culture it onto special agar gel that you can make at home or simply buy ready-to-pour. The gel can be formed inside all kinds of things that you want to make glow a cool greenish/blue color !!!!

The glowing vibrio bacteria are marine life forms that live alone or in a symbiotic relationships with fish and squid inside their light organs or as parastites. Alone the bacteria don't really glow but in groups of large enough number something amazing happens called quorum sensing ..... The bacteria upon realizing they have enough of each other around turn on genes that allow them to GLOW !!!! The light that is emitted is super efficient around 98 % meaning that only 2 % is lost through heat, thus the light is cool and that's very COOL.

Malta do Raspberry Pi, que é a meu ver, a re-incarnação do Commodore Amiga 1200, no que diz respeito aos Génios que esta máquina vai ajudar a despertar...
Pois aqui vai mais uma coisa porreira para as vossas Raspis, um Teste para testar a segurança do vosso acesso wifi!

MyLittlePwny - Make a self powered pentesting box out of the Raspberry Pi for around $100


MyLittlePwny is a $100 portable wireless pen-testing drop box running PwnPi or Ha-pi (Untested).  It is cost efficient, modular, easy to put together and, unlike PDAs and smartphones, the hardware is fully extensible.

AUTHOR EDIT:  It was requested that I explain exactly what "Pentesting" is.  Pentesting is short for Penetration testing and while it can refer to the process of testing inked writing implements, I am referring to the process of testing a wireless access point, and underlying network, for security flaws.
While I am not a network professional, I can tell you that there are MANY tools used for doing this; some open and some proprietary.  I also say that this is a Penetration testing platform because it refers to the lawful testing of your own access point against security flaws....Unless you work for a government agency, in which case you are the law and you can use it to steal network traffic from the bad guys.  Now, let's get pun intended.

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