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sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

Impressão 3D à Borla, Editor de programação CNC, e VTOL

Há Concursos nos Instructables, e alguns dão, como Prémio, a Impressão 3D dum vosso Objecto!

How to get a great 3D print from Instructables!

You may have noticed here at Instructables we have been giving away a lot of 3D prints. It has been a lot of fun processing everyone's models through our printers, but it has become clear that we educate the community on how they can get the best print possible. The following steps will outline the criterion for getting the models of your dreams from's fleet of Objet Connex 500 printers.

E numa máquina do caraças, a Objet, um bichinho tal, que imprime um Objecto 3D com vários materiais diferentes, até 107 deles! 


O EditNC permite-vos entrar, editando, no mundo da programação CNC:

You will love it, too: CNC program editor editNC

Basic features:
  • "The usual" Cut, Copy, Paste, and so on ...
  • Cosmetic operations such as resequencing and spacing.
  • Smart search function (X1 finds X01.0000).
  • Rotations and transformations.
  • Reformatting of G-Codes and address words.
  • A view-only mode that allows review without allowing changes.
  • Serial download and upload including drip-feed for many controls.
  • Program analysis – Min/Max values, tool listing, bad character test, and more.
  • 3D Backplotting.
  • Several calculators designed for CNC programmers.

E para pasmar este VTOL, sim, um Foguetão que levanta, paira, e desce, à frente dos vossos olhos!!!

Masten Space Systems takes their Xaero suborbital rocket out for a spin 
By Brian Dodson 
In celebration of the two hundred and thirty sixth anniversary of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence from British rule, Masten Space Systems has performed a record-setting flight of their vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) Xaero suborbital rocket at the Mohave Air and Space Port. Unlike the rockets designed specifically for the NASA Lunar Lander challenge, the Xaero is the only VTVL rocket intended to carry payloads into suborbital trajectories. The test flight saw the Xaero propelled to an altitude of 444 meters (1,457 feet), before returning to Earth and making a perfect landing on its jets. However, the test flight took place on July 3 - after all, who wants to work on the fourth?

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