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quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

3D à brava!

Cenas 3D tão bacanas nesta mensagem da Shapeways, tive de partilhar com vocês, mas vão à página, tem muito mais...

Do you believe in magic?

Perhaps you should see it for yourself

Discovering 3D printed designs from all of the world is pretty amazing (particularly on the new homepage!). But meeting fellow creatives and seeing their designs in the flesh is known to induce jaw-drops, googly-eyes, and excessive heartbeats.

Wherever you are in the world, there's probably a fellow Shapie in your area. Find them on Meetup Everywhere, join a class taught by Shapeways communtiy members, drop by the office for a tour, or come hang out with the team at upcoming events like SIGGRAPH LA and MakerFaire NYC.

E se puderem, vão a Barcelona ver esre evento do VMWorld, isto tem a ver com Cloud Computing, e virtualização, omo em, Realidade Virtual, e até, Desktops Virtuais:

Content Catalog Now Live

The new cloud computing landscape requires greater innovation, performance and confidence to push system and software delivery to the next level. Master this at VMworld, where you will gain the necessary tools and training across 200+ unique breakout sessions and hands-on labs. This is the time to enter the new cloud era. Right Here. Right Now

Há mais, mas fica para amanhã. Paciência! :)

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