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quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Radio-control Open Source?

Eis um Blogue interessante, com ideias dum Engenheiro da Grã-Bretanha, como Tele-controle a partir do vosso PC, e ainda por cima, Open Source!

Open Radio Control

Want to control a radio-controlled aircraft from your own PC software? How about using a Wii Nunchuk to fly a RC aircraft one-handed (great for stroke victims)? Now you can with this open-source project!


The Open Radio Control system has several components:
  • The hardware that sits between your PC and a Wii Nunchuk and an RC aircraft
  • A .NET assembly for easy software development
  • A PC application for configuration of the hardware
The system may be used in two different ways, as a Nunchuk controller or as a PC to RC aircraft interface.
Tem muitos mais projectos:

Sobre o blogue, e o Autor:


This blog is about technology, mainly interesting projects. It is written by Andy Ayre, an Engineer living in Southern Arizona. Contact him at andy at britishideas dot com.
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