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domingo, 18 de março de 2012

Inventoras Britânicas, uma Câmera em placa cortada a Laser, 3D e Fundição

Estão de parabéns as Inventoras Britânicas, com esta Podcast, inscrevam-se para ver como é:

Mothers of Invention at The British Library 19 March 2012
Live streaming of the event
Can't get to the Mothers of Invention event at the British Library in London this Monday? Watch the live streamed event here and get inspired and informed by four ingenious women entrepreneurs who have built great businesses - Not on the High Street founder Sophie Cornish, The Authentic Food Company founder Kamal Basran, Rosie Wolfenden co-founder of Tatty Devine and retail branding expert Christina Richardson . . . keep reading

Obra da incansável Cally Robson, da qual me orgulho de ser minha amiga e Colega Inventora de qualidade.
Eis a sua Organização "She's Ingenoius", vão também ao Site:

Turn Your Innovative Idea Into A Profitable Business
Join our community of enterprising women and get resources and support to help you develop and take your new product and business ideas to market.
We're different from other women's business networks. She's Ingenious! gives you specialist information about how to research, develop, prototype, protect and sell new products and concepts, AS WELL AS a place meet like-minded ladies from all over the UK and beyond.
Unlike invention design and protection services which charge you thousands of pounds but leave you stranded, She's Ingenious! sets out honest tips and pointers so you can understand every step of the process and make the right business decisions for your idea.
Interested in joining us? We've made trial membership easy and, by running much of what we do online, we keep subscription costs low. Find out more about Membership Benefits or go to our Joining Page to view subscription options.

Voando para a Itália, através da mágica da Net, eis o Blog da Vectorealism, e um achado deles, uma Câmara Fotográfica toda ela feita em Placa cortada a Laser!

DIY Super Plastic Camera – Kit per il taglio laser!

Se state pensando a quale sarà il vero oggetto tormentone dell’estate, smettete di pensare e iniziate a produrlo.
Grazie a questo incredibile kit di Kit da Studio (o Kit da shit, che ci piace di più) potrete realizzare una macchina fotografica DIY usando plastica nera (o di qualunque altro colore) tagliata al laser con la Personal Factory. A soli 52€.

Eis 3D para o Mundo Real, a prova de que as malhores Invenções vêem de preencher necessidades reais, do dia-a-dia, e prestem atenção à maneira como eles derretem Plástico, em 0:25...

Serious Homemade Manufacturing Equipment on a Shoe String Budget

I'm a product designer, who believes in working backwards. Instead of taking technology and seeing what problems I can solve with it, I take problems and see what technology can do for the problem. If current technology doesn't solve the problem, then I am dedicated to developing and engineering what technology needs to be invented, so the solution becomes an extension of the user like an arm or hand.

...E eis um Artesão multi-facetado, Fundição, Engenhocas, Máquinas a Vapor, etc. vejam este e outros Vídeos fantásticos no sue Blog, que é mais um Site:

myford blog

More of a website than a blog. Here you will find instructions to build the myfordboy E Z Stirling engine and will be able to obtain your FREE Plan set. There are also pages on Metal Casting where I can expand on some techniques shown on my Youtube Casting videos.

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