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sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011

Desenhar os vossos próprios Circuitos Electrónicos

Querem desenvolver um Projecto em Electrónica?
Agora, é muito mais fácil, graças a esta iniciativa, descoberta pela Ponoko:

Upverter: online hardware design tool

‘Github for electronics’

Upverter is a new cloud-based electronics engineering design platform. It aims to make it easier for open hardware designers to collaborate and share their projects. It includes an HTML5-based schematic editor and crowd-sourced parts library. Integration with Github takes care of versioning, and their open-source schematic conversion tool hopes to standardise interoperability between all common file formats.

E do nosso amigo Maurício Martins, a newsletter do Open Hardware:

The Open Hardware Weekly

Some members from the 2011 dream team with Ayah & Alicia

After two amazing and inspiring iterations (2011 and 2010), we are excited to announce we are passing the Open Hardware Summit torch!

We had an amazing two years: we collectively created the first OSHW definition (which has been adopted by CERN), communally created a logo for our movement, grew into a community that supports each other on forums, mailing lists and sponsorships, launched the first Open Hardware Scholarship, turned a conference goodie bag into something you would wrestle over, and created a geek red carpet that would have the Oscar’s drooling!

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