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segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Tório, Rodas, e Cavalos Mecãnicos!

As Rodas que rodam em várias direcções, uma ideia para fins bem práticos, nomeadamente, carregar com pesos bem pesados com um veículo chato, sim uma espécie de Porte-Palletes futurista, e mais àgil:

New Omni-Crawler can move in all directions

By Randolph Jonsson

When the need to move super-heavy objects arises, short, squat crawlers are usually deployed to get the job done. Unfortunately, that heavy lifting ability comes at the sacrifice of mobility (no sideways motion), so maneuvering objects into place can be a lengthy process. Recently, researchers from Japan's Osaka University (OU) rolled out an innovative battery-powered, remotely controlled prototype crawler that incorporates properties from an omni-directional wheel known as the Omni-Ball (also designed by the OU team), to travel in virtually any direction desired with minimal energy loss. They dubbed it the Omni-Crawler, and it could change the way things are moved from now on.

O Cavalo Mecânico, da Honda, um Concept car, com Inteligência Artificial, e rodas-patas:

Honda's Intelligent Horse - biomimicry gives us the All-Terrain-Vehicle of the 23rd Century

By Mike Hanlon

If the horse is not humanity's favorite animal, it should be, as it has served us far better than any other domesticated animal. It has been the predominant form of personal transport for the last millennia, has done more work for us than any animal, and its mastery became the fundamental military technology which helped Genghis Khan build the biggest empire in history. Indeed, Honda's choice of the horse as a metaphor for the type of vehicle we will be driving a hundred years hence is incredibly apt.

A Índia não pára, estão a fazer progressos na pesquisa para criarem Reactores a Tório, muito mais seguros que os actuais, bravo, Índia!

India plans 'safer' nuclear plant powered by thorium

Maseeh Rahman in Mumbai

India has announced plans for a prototype nuclear power plant that uses an innovative "safer" fuel.

Officials are currently selecting a site for the reactor, which would be the first of its kind, using thorium for the bulk of its fuel instead of uranium – the fuel for conventional reactors. They plan to have the plant up and running by the end of the decade.

...E saído da Ficção Científica, ou quase, um "raio tractor", mas só para captar partículas, por enquanto...

NASA evaluating "tractor beam" technologies

By Darren Quick

NASA is looking to turn another staple of science fiction to practical use by studying ways to make "tractor beams" a reality. While none of the technologies under the microscope will be able to transport anything the size of a modified YT-1300 Corellian freighter - at least in the short term - the researchers will examine if it is possible to trap and move planetary or atmospheric particles using laser light so they can be delivered to a robotic rover or orbiting spacecraft for analysis.

E esta Obra de Arte, uma Máquina a Vapor, EM VIDRO!
Sem anilhas, só vidro cuidadosamente fabricado, para ajustar perfeitamente!

Steam engine made entirely from blown glass

Replica Stephenson locomotive engine modelled by master glass blower

Recreating vintage technologies and all the wondrous mechanisms that they contain is a welcome challenge for DIY makers.

When a master glass blower decides to join in the fun, you know you’re going to see something special. Czech craftsman Michal Zahradník produced this fully functional steam engine back in 2008. Looking like something straight out of Wonder Woman’s propulsion laboratory, every component is made entirely from glass. It really is a work of remarkable precision

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