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quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

Electrónica digital para todos nós!

Isto é porreiro!

Notícias bacanas do Blog da Ponoko, isto facilita à brava a programação dos Arduinos e o trabalho de soldagem quase desaparece.

Arduino for beginners: SparkFun ProtoSnap
Pre-wired boards make it even easier to get your Arduino groove on

We all know how Arduino opens the doors to an electronic wonderland…
Well, the bumpy beginner’s road has just become a little smoother thanks to the clever ProtoSnap range from SparkFun.

Pre-wired and ready to use, these units simply need a little programming magic to bring them to life.

Gone are the breadboards, wires, soldering and other preparation/assembly processess. Or rather, not quite gone – they have been sidelined, to return later on when you have become used to the Arduino programming and feel ready to get physical with your hardware. At this point, simply break the ProtoSnap pieces apart and use them individually as your projects require.

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