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quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011


A Mindsets traz-nos o Faraduino:

Developed by Middlesex University Teaching Resources in partnership with East Barnet secondary school.

Faraduino is an open source controller board with built in motor drivers and servo connectors, ideal for robotics. It's fully compatible with the open source Arduino platform that is taking the world by storm, so there is already a wealth of information available to you (see You can use the excellent Arduino programming software to download “sketches” (the Arduino name for a program) to your Faraduino via USB. Alternatively, you can try out Flowino for a simple, flowchart based programming system.

Um motor eléctrico para os vossos aviões de papel!

Power Up gives paper planes an electric boost

By Ben Coxworth

Although they've been around for ages, for some reason paper airplanes have never been adopted for commercial use. It could be because they get soggy when wet, they lack any kind of flight controls, or because you would need an incredibly huge piece of paper in order to make one big enough to carry a human passenger. In any case, practical paper airplanes have now perhaps come a baby step closer to reality, with Tailor Toys' Power Up electric power module for paper airplanes - it allows you to mount an electric propeller on your paper airplanes, so they can fly under their own power.

Um arado coberto de carbono com a estrutura do diamante para deslizar artavés da terra, poupando energia:

Diamond-like carbon-coated plows to save fuel by sliding through the soil

By Darren Quick

Plows are one of the most basic agricultural implements and have been in use for thousands of years. In that time they've evolved from simple ox-drawn scratch plows consisting of a frame holding a vertical wooden stick dragged through the topsoil - which are still used in many parts of the world - to tractor-mounted plows that can have as many as 18 moldboards. The evolution of the humble plow looks set to continue with Fraunhofer scientists working on diamond-like carbon (DLC)-coated plowshares that would slide through the soil like a hot knife through butter, thereby requiring less fuel.

...E mais uma Bicicleta de Plástico:

Frii bike concept made from injection-molded recycled plastic

By Paul Ridden

If Israeli industrial design student Dror Peleg had been around in the late 1950s, I feel sure that his Frii plastic bike concept would have found its way into Mosanto's House of the Future. Over 50 years later, that vision of a world of plastic has also given rise to some serious disposal issues and grave environmental concerns. Frii proposes to be part of the solution, not the problem. Made from recycled plastic, the city cycling concept would be manufactured locally for local use. Components would be injection molded into modular shapes that snap together to form a strong, lightweight and very colorful single-speed bike for quick trips through the city streets.

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