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quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

3D, do bom e do barato?

Impressão 3D baratucha, mas de boa qualidade?
E que tal a 300 Dólares, podendo fazer objectos ocos, e com bom acabamento?

Folks we are hosted at a University and we have been on break for the past two weeks.   Thus, we haven’t really been doing Open3DP  things.  However, we are back in session now.
AdderFab is the combined result of three separate Capstone student design teams over a span of over four years.   The original name of the project was P3P (personal 3D printer).   The original team (Version #1) was composed of Kory Koyamatsu, Kristina Olson, Erik Roby Nathaniel, and Thompson Tri Truong.   Their project produced a prototype 3D printer which almost worked.    They filed a group report Design and Fabrication of a Powder-Based Personal 3D Printe

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