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quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Uma exelente ideia!

Se pensarmos que assim podemos vigiar os Doentes e as Crianças, que ficam en casa, e os mais velhos, isto torna-se uma EXELENTE ideia!!!

Mas mesmo para monitorizar toda a espécie de Máquinas e mesmo numa Quinte, é muito útil.

Trangram: A fun 'internet of things' demo from Japan

By Rick Martin

09:14 December 28, 2010

Back at Tokyo Make Meeting earlier this year, there was a fun demonstration showing us what kind of things might be possible if we connected various electrical devices around the home to the Internet, using a system called Trangram. Since the event, we've spoken with Hirotaka Hatayama, who has been working on this project together with his partner, Mr. Kinukawa.

"The original idea was that we thought it would be fun to be able to arrange and mash up electric parts just like web services, such as the 'Gakken EX-System' from Gakken which is famous in Japan," he told us. "We did not know how to explain but felt that it would be very attractive."

Parabéns, Japão!

Eis o Link, destes Japoneses que tiveram uma ideia com muito Futuro...

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