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quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Àgua e OVNIS!

Uma garrafa de àgua que filtra a àgua, à medida que se bebe:

E ONVIS avistados nos EUA:

Possible UFO's spotted August 9th 2010: Twin Cities, MN
Posted by freedomist on 6:47 PM in Aliens, archive, colonization of space, illuminati, Minneapolis, st. paul, technology, ufo
On Aug 9, a UFO was spotted over the Twin Cities area. Here is the actual video footage of what was seen. Only one major news outlet in the Minneapolis St. Paul area covered the story. Some believe the footage consists of weather balloons fashioned with LED lights, others believe the objects were real UFO's.

Multiple UFO's have been spotted in the Twin Cities area over the last several years, with the most important spotting in August of 2007. (a giant mothership was filmed over St. Paul for nearly 6 hours.

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