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terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Duas boas notícias...

Duas boas notícias, e bem que precisamos delas...

A primeira, Amortecedores que produzem Electricidade, era uma maravilha para as ruas de Lisboa...

Electricity-Generating Shock Absorbers

Levant Power saves fuel by turning road shocks and vibrations into electricity.

By Kevin Bullis

Shock absorbers that generate electricity, which are being developed by Cambridge, MA-based Levant Power, can lower fuel consumption by 1.5 to 6 percent, depending on the vehicle and driving conditions. The system can also improve vehicle handling.
A outra boa notícia, um Reactor Italo-Russo faz progressos no rumo à fusão Auto-Sustentada, Eletricidade à borla, em breve:

Nuclear Reactor Aims for Self-Sustaining Fusion

Italian-Russian reactor could be the first to reach a major milestone.

By Phil McKenna

In a few years, an experimental nuclear fusion reactor near Moscow could be the first to yield a self-sustaining fusion reaction. If the Italian-Russian project is successful, it would be a key milestone for fusion power.
The proposed reactor is based on a design developed by Bruno Coppi, a professor of physics at MIT, and principal investigator on the reactor project with Italy's National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment. Three similar reactors based on the same design have already been built at MIT. Italian and Russian physicists plan to meet on May 24 to chart a course for the new reactor, called Ignitor, in the first such meeting since the two countries agreed to join forces on the project in April.

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