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terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

2 em 1

2 em 1
Primeiro, eis a primeira Série de Ficção Científica Independente, a ser distribuída por Torrent:  

Sci-Fi Thriller Series Pioneer One Debuts… For Torrents!
by Michael Suen | 5:33 pm, June 20th, 2010

More than one million people are expected to download the pilot episode of Pioneer One, the new indie sci-fi series by filmmakers Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith which debuted on Bittorent-powered distribution platform VODO last Wednesday, with P2P file-sharing giants such as uTorrent, Limewire and The Pirate Bay also pledging their support. As of this post’s publication, there are over 19,000 seeders for one torrent of the episode.

It’s an exciting vision of how entertainment content will be presented in the future: After all, why spend buckets of money trying to get your show on television when you can circulate it directly among the viewers? Who watches actual television nowadays, anyway?

In an interview with TorrentFreak, show-runner Bernhard made a great observation about how niche shows, though they enjoy high DVD sales and online viewing, cannot sustain themselves on network television:

...O que nos leva à Torrent responsável, a primeira Torrente a fazer um trabalho que eu acho meritório, e leiam porquê, tirado da página de FAQs deles:

What's going on here?
We're finding interesting films (and soon) music and books and distributing them, for-free, through P2P networks. And we're encouraging people to donate to creators who share their films this way.
So how do I download stuff?
Whenever we've got a new work to distribute, we'll publish it on the front page. But the idea is that you can grab new VODO films from your favourite tracker or P2P service. Think of it like a release group, but one that works with artists directly.
So I can share VODO films freely?
Yep. Share them however you like, and try to get the people you're sharing with to help the artists by donating to them through their VODO page. If you want to show the film commercially, just get in touch with the artist or us, and we'll arrange it.
How do I submit a work to VODO?
At the moment, you have to be invited, because we just don't have the infrastructure to handle open submissions. But we're working on it.
How do I get an invite to submit a work to VODO?
Send us a mail, detailing who you are and what the work is. If you can give us a URL to an online version of your work, all the better.
How do you decide which works to distribute through the Distribution Coalition (DISCO)?
We take into account comments and votes from our invited jurors and regular subcribers, and then decide each month based on these factor and the opinions of our team. While we don't publish a list of our jurors yet, you will be able to see their comments.
What happens if my work doesn't get selected?
There's always next time. We're releasing films regularly while we find more P2P distributors to add to our coalition. So don't be disheartened.
How do you select your jurors?
Jurors are hand-selected from film professionals of all kinds. Each juror has three juror invites to give out, which they are asked to give only to other people who love films.
Can I be a juror?
Maybe, but you can also get the same access as jurors by becoming a regular supporter of VODO. But write to us and tell us why you want to be a juror!
Who is working on VODO?
Currently the VODO team is composed by Jamie King (UK, Filmmaker and Academic), Nils Hellberg (Sweden, Designer) and Rama Cosentino (Argentina, Programmer). Other collaborators include Adnan Hadzi (Goldsmiths College, UK, Research) and Dan O' Huiginn (UK, Programming Support). Members of the advisory board include Ashwin Navin, ex-CEO of Bittorrent Inc., and Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay. Initial website design was made by Pixeco. VODO has been in development since 2008 and was produced by conjunction with the Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation, with the support of Arts Council UK, Emerald Fund and Goldsmith's College, London.

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